rainbow jellyfish


cool rainbow jellyfish video.


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  1. OH a fellow COAST TO COAST FAN! I listen to this show all the time. It inspired me to start two of my other blogs on wordpress. Ghosthingandufos and silverobjects. George puts on a wonder show but I started listening to it back in 1991 when Art Bell started it. Years of good information and entertainment. How long have you been listening?

  2. Your Welcome Doraz! Rainbow jellyfish are one my favorites in life. I think they are so beautiful. I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey California and besides the ultra cute sea otters the little rainbow jellyfish, they have a display tank with relaxing music and a bright blue back ground anyway if your ever in Monterey it’s a must see! Glad you liked this little video ;+).t

  3. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Thanks so much for putting that on here. I don’t normally find stuff like that so it was a real treat.

  4. Oh Starla, when you have a chance…do you mind taking a look at my other blog…Laugh with Doraz? It is on my blogroll as Joke of the Day. So far, Gary and Iviss are the only ones who have figured it out. Just would like your opinion. Thanks, Starla. I asked Joy a while back, and I guess she has been too busy , as well! Thanks, appreciate your feedback! *(*

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