Bobbly Head Bear, and Betty Looking for First Buddy in the Mail.

Bobbly Head Bear and Betty

Bobbly Head Bear and Betty

No Little Buddies Yet.

The dog gets Little buddies Ice Cream Cone

The dog gets Little buddies Ice Cream Cone

OK, Here’s a little Buddy Update. I got a little confused because sometimes frankly I just do, so I thought for some reason The Super  pickle would be our first visitor hence the courtship of Eddy’s father video, but know I have found out that Pickles has been at javajunkee  blog and oh what a time he has had!!! Check out He has been in trouble with the law and got into a card game. Not the courtship of Eddy’s father type oops wrong song on that one looks Born to be Wild. So looks like Allison is sending our first visitor Douglas maybe he’s the courtship of Eddy’s Father type we will have to see. At this point I have learned a valuable lesson just cause a person I mean Pickle looks Docile doesn’t mean a thing, could be hiding a little wild side who knew. So stay tune For the Adventures with Douala’s maybe he well arrive Monday? And don’t forget to check out java junkee  Blog and see the Wild Adventures of the Pickle Man.


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  1. hang tight…I bet by tomorrow??? Who are you supposed to be getting first? Allison’s buddy should be arriving. You heard her first guest was a fatality right? Her first buddy going out got the stuffing cut out of him by the postal lady. Allison took it a little better than I would have. So replacement Douglas should be on his way.

  2. On No Java Junkee, Allisons little buddy had the stuffing cut out, oh poor kid. Well no problem here. I sure enjoyed watching the Adventure of Super Pickle how cute.

  3. Super Pickle could be trouble!!! Oh man, that was to funny to be allowed!! I’m still getting over his “pickle!!!” I’m still waiting for a buddy too. My name wasn’t on the list so I have no idea who I’ll get first. My guy is already on to his second destination. Keep us posted.

  4. Starla, I can see why you are confused!!! Too much activity for me!!! Don’t they need to take a nap, or something???? LOL Hang in there!

  5. Hi! I just thought I’d check out what’s happening over here with the buddies! Wow, did I read that correctly? A buddy got attacked by a postal worker? That’s sort of funny.

  6. Yes Joan that’s true. As usual the truth is stranger and funnier then fiction. Isn’t that how it goes. But that’s what makes life interesting. I hope all goes well with your knee. I will put you in my prayers ;+). You’ll be up in no time, playing a good game of hop scotch!

  7. yeah I think Allison needs to post and obit on her blog about Edgar and how he went. Or if he could have surgery and get better..or something :)..what do you say Allison…that story about Edgar is worth a blog post! I have to stop laughing about it though. My postal people are all over this and when I stopped in to pack the pickle today they were HELPING me..I told them about Allison’s Edgar and his fate and they were truly upset that one of their own could be so careless. I’m not shitting you. !
    They helped me pack the pickle and even gave me free air wrap for the box they hand picked out for him. It’s ended up being pretty friggin hilarious so far!

    • Hope it’s OK, I held a little memorial for Edgar on my blog today. I agree it would be nice if Allison ran a little Obit letting us know of the celebration of his life, a little something about his passing. Anyway I feel better holding a little something just a simple get together around a bonfire. I feel better and am looking forward to the reincarnated version of Edgar, Douglas yes hopefully we will be receiving his company tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. Hey Javajunkee, I think that has been my first surprise doing this project is that people have actually been amused and encouraging. Like Josh the young checker ,I thought he would not be willing to play along and maybe even chastise me, but he was actually polite and thought the idea of traveling buddies was great. As far as Allison’s little guy I think we should run an Obit for the dearly departed. A little something celebrating his little life. Such a sad way to go in the metal claw of the post office.;+(.

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