Spring Forward


Spring ahead Today, I’m not a big fan of springing ahead, I’m more the Fall back type. But when in Rome I guess I will be changing my clocks. Have you ever had friends that refuse to change their clocks for months, so every time you look at their clocks you have to adjust for an hour. I’m not talking a day or two or even a week, I’m talking months. In Hawaii and Arizona there is no daylight saving time, it’s just always the same all year around I actually liked that about both places. Why spring or Fall if you don’t have to, anyway I’ll be Springing forward into the future with everyone else and don’t forget to change the battery in your smoke alarm, I wonder if I will do that hard tellin. Boy it’s a slow blog day talking about daylight saving and smoke alarms, oh well it is Sunday after all. How do you  feel about the Spring forward ,Fall back thing. While your thinking about it how about sitting by the fire and listening to an old Cowboy Song?
A short video of a bonfire using music Jimmie Rodgers’ “Hobo Bill’s Last Ride”
I dedicate this song and campfire to Allison’s little buddy, Edgar who had an unfortunate mishap at the Post Office. I guess story goes, he was knifed by the postal lady heard it was an exact o knife. How dreadful. He had the stuffing pulled right out of his little tiny body, ending his little buddy life and cutting short his little buddy Adventures. Please a moment of silence. If you would like to say a few words after the campfire song please feel free.


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  1. I love it light out after supper so I don’t mind the “springing ahead.” I hate the “fall back.” I feel sorry for people who drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark. If I never got to enjoy the daylight, I’d be an unhappy person. I love it when we can get outdoors and swim or golf after supper. Or even just sit out on my deck. When it’s dark at 4:30, the evenings are just so dang long.

    I agree, why can’t we just leave it like this all the time. Who invented this crap???

    I not only change my smoke alarm batteries but all my clocks as well. I hate it when a clock will just stop. This way, I have the batteries out so why not??

    Happy Sunday to you. Sunday’s are notoriously slow in blogland.

    • Hey Joy, I just posted a link to a hummingbird cam in Brazil. It’s fun watching on a Winters day. hummingbird Anyway looking for a little Brazilian hummingbird fun ;+).

  2. Thanks Joy! It’s nice to see you on a slow blogging Sunday!!! LOL boy swimming, golfing after supper and sitting out on the deck all that sounds so good! In Montana, in the Summer it stays light till 10ish pm. it’s strange to have so much light for so long. I agree I think it’s really hard on people when they have to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. When my husband was working his day was like that. Anyway Happy Sunday back atcha;+).

  3. I’m taking my moment of silence in honor of Edgar (silent snicker) ….I’m sorry Allison…I do think she should post a picture of Edgar and put about his mishap in a blog. It would only add to this madness.

    Ok…so this was the first time in yeeeeeeeeeears that I forgot to set my clock ahead. 😦 BAD me..the only good thing about it is for some reason I set my alarm early..so we still were ok.

  4. Hey Javajunkee, Yes a picture of little Edgar would be great! My guess is we should be receiving company today and will keep you posted on the goings on in Montana. Glad you made it too work in spite of the time change. It almost snuck up on me too.

  5. Ya know, I’m not a fan of it either. I feel like I’m going to bed too soon and getting up too early. Totally screws me up. My question is this…if Arizona doesn’t ever change their clocks and they get along just fine..why do we have to!??

    Anyhow….happy MONDAY Starla!!!!!! Hope it’s a good one! 🙂

  6. Thanks Nikki Back at you Happy Monday!!!!!!;+). You know I don’t know why Arizona just decided not to play along on the daylight savings thing. I’ll have to google it.LOL

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