What’s your Favorite Chocolate?


I had a piece of chocolate a few days ago. It had little bits of rock salt on it. It was a dark, dark chocolate. If you were to tell me that chocolate and little bits of rock salt would be good. I might thought how could that be? But I was pleasantly surprised, it was if the little bits of rock salt awakened my taste buds to the Chocolate. I want more.;+)

What is your favorite Chocolate?


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  1. That DOES sound good! I have never heard of that but salt and chocolate do taste very good together! I used to like eating a couple potato chips after eating some chocolate for the salt.

    I think milk chocolate is my favorite chocolate!!

  2. Milk chocolate for me and my favorite brand so far…Lindt’s Lindor truffles in the red bag…the peanut butter ones are good too. Mmmmm no I need chocolate!

  3. WHAT? You don’t like chocolate? Just when you think you have heard it ALL….someone says something like this.

    Boy, I tell ya……..

  4. Starla, if you check on the internet or medical journals, you will see the actual health benefits of eating a piece of DARK chocolate, daily. I do it. The Dr. told me this years ago!!!

  5. Hey Allison, the company that has the chocolate with little bits of rock salt is called poco dolce it’s out of San fransico. And of course it is very expensive, but it is good. Hey guess who arrived in the mail today? Edgar! He arrived in good shape we toured around a little bit he’s very well behaved, although a little shy. He warmed right up to our little blue bear Cacey instant friends. I’ll keep you posted. ;=)

  6. Nikki, Hope all is well in your world! Lind’s Lindor in the red foil. Yummy, yummy, I’ll have to try the peanut butter ones I didn’t know they make a pb variety. I’ll have to check that one out.

  7. Well since you put it that way Starla, I suppose it is kinda nice that Joy doesn’t like chocolate. 😀

    Maybe we should be THANKING Joy?? LOL

  8. Allison, I just realized I said Edgar arrived. Oh no! I’m calling Douglas Edgar. Sorry about that, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas OK I think I have it straight now. ;=) .

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