Free Chat Bloggers Tuesday!!!


Time sure flys when your having Fun. I woke up this morning in search of a good neon video, to fulfill a need for brilliant, bright, and yes, neon color. It may have something to do with it being the final song of Winter before Spring. The temperatures dipping down to the low single digits, cross country skiing’s out! I enjoy skiing but not that much to brave the Arctic temperatures. So waking up I decided to first  see if I could find the Eagle cam. Yes, not another nature cam! Geeze I don’t know how I keep stumbling into these things but last night on the local news they were talking about a local Eagle nest cam. So of course first thing this morning I had to take a look I found the nest no eagle no babies I was confused. So in my confusion I decided to pursue my second pleasure and that’s my search for a good youtube film on Neon. Why? Well it’s all about color and art I guess. The crazy thing is that it took me 29 pages of youtube search to find what I had in my mind of what I wanted to see. At first it was a lot of flashing neon, I’m not really into flashing neon, next neon with techno music,not really feeling that, at one point I thought I would have to jump in the car with my camera in search for neon and make a youtube film of what was in my head. But thankfully I started to stumble on what it was I thought I wanted to see. I felt like a judge on the gong show with the big puffy gong stick banging the gong show gong. A few seconds and no, gong ! NEXT. No, Next video. No! gong! Next. That my morning.  After watching several hours of neon videos, I’m exhausted so this will be Free Blogger Tuesday! Which is chat or Blogg about what evers on you mind and I will go and pick out one  of the videos for tomorrow or go back to the eagle cam and look for those little darn eaglet chics.  Just a note watching hours of neon videos first thing in the morning can give you neon head. More coffee I need more coffee. ow ow ow


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  1. You know, I’m not that big of a fan of You Tube. I like going there if I can find what I’m looking for but to just sit and watch, I can’t. I’d hate all that neon and flashing also.

    We are bracing for another foot of snow MAYBE but are in the 6-12 inch range. I’m sick of it and was hoping this one would miss us but it’s here now 😦 I’m off now to shower and put on a pot of meatballs for supper. Toby will have to plow I’m sure.

  2. Meatballs that sounds good! That’s the answer cooking! Thanks Joy I was wondering what to do on a brrrass cold day like today. That’s it that’s it cook! Ya youtube is really hard to plow thru the not so good to get to the good. But had something in my mind so it was kinda worth it. maybe lol

  3. Goooood afternoon gals!!!
    Mmmmm meatballllllllls!!!!!!! lol best in the slow cooker with BBQ sauce!!!!
    I need more coffee, one of those days! It’s cold and snowy and kids are all napping. Maybe I should nap, naaaa, more coffee sounds better. Hmmm what should I make for dinner tonight. Jason is sick and I’m not really in the mood to be cooking a full course meal. Chili, I got it!!! Jason bought me a new slow cooker, I think I’ll make chili!!

    • Hey nikki!!!!!!;+) Sounds like it’s Somthin in the Slower cooker Tuesday. Sleeping kids how nice, sick husband not nice. Is he still sick, did he get that yucky flu that’s going around? I vote for an easy dinner. How nice you got a slower cooker as a gift. It’s nice to have that as an option to cook with. Hope you have a great day Nikki. ;+) oh and more coffee! Always.

  4. Starla, my eyes would be crossed eyed with all of that viewing! I like to go to check things out every so often, too! It is amazing how talented people are. I really will be “surprised” with what you pick. I really like that instead of having to pick :one!” My vote is always with funny and entertaining! But, I have lots of other interests ,too! Good Luck!

  5. Hey Doraz, Happy Tuesday!!! I too am amazed at how much creativity is on the Net. It’s a little frustrating because there’s a lot of wading through stuff to get to things you want to see. But sometimes that’s how life is it’s a mixed bag. ;+). The sun just came out blue sky I can hardly contain my excitement. I’m going to grab the new little buddy Douglas and take him on a little tour of town. Cooking later when the sun disappears behind the clouds.

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