Hummingbird Nest cam a must see!


Just a little side note. If you haven’t checked out the humming bird nest link cam. I would recomend checking it out it’s my new favorite thing! Heres the link for the hummingbird Nest cam. When you get there you’ll see the little humming bird sitting on her nest Aww so cute and her two little humming bird babies ugly cute. She was feeding them earlier. To the top right of this page is the Brazilian hummingbird cam and an owl cam sitting in the sun he looks so relaxed. He’s soothing to watch I think he is a barn owl. Just hit the little arrows on the three pictures. That awakens the cams. Have Fun! What is your favorite thing or find of the week or Food LOL Can’t forget favorite foods and snack foods ;+).


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  1. Scooter, Bug, and Pilot are going to watch it with me! Thanks for the link!
    Favorite food…tough one….salmon, grilled veggies, and brown rice.
    Favorite find….Lots of amusing blogs to entertain me when I get in “one of those moods!”
    Have a good one!!

    • Oh Scooter, Bug and Pilot what cute names. I’m glad you like the link hopefully they will too. Salmon is one of my favorite meals too. Moods? You don’t get into one of those mood’s do you? ;+). Of course you do, we all do! LOL.

  2. I love hummingbirds. I can’t wait for spring to see them up close and real.

    I love all kinds of food. It really varies. I love “winter” cooking with the soups and stews. I’m looking forward now to the lighter kinds of summer stuff with salads and just the lighter eating.

    • Hi Joy, I wish I was a better Summer cook. I seem to have a lot of Winter food recipes. I think this Summer I need to look for lighter fun foods to cook and more Salads. I’m OK with a Salad as long as it has lots of Stuff on it goodies like bacon,eggs,cheese. That sounds more like a breakfast meal. I need to work on that.

  3. We love egg, bacon and cheese in our salads. We do eat a lot more pasta type salads in the summer. I find it hard to eat “big” in the summer. I’ll pass along some recipes when the time gets closer.

    • That would be Wonderful Joy. I find it hard to cook when it’s so hot in the Summer and trying not to use the oven so I don’t heat up the house. My husbands not much into BBQ I suppose I could learn to Grill, girls do grill don’t they?

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