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The not so wild Adventures of Douglas the Dragon, yes Douglas who is part of the stuffed animal buddy program, is a red and gold sparkly Dragon. At first I was a little worried I thought red dragon, could be  trouble and a little wild. But I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet and well behaved he was. We had a wonderful time touring him around the Valley taking him to a few of the local sights. It was nice for us to to get of the house and off the couch. This sending stuffed animals across the country for Adventures can turn out to be a good thing for us, as it get us out and about doing fun stuff. Before you know it my husband will be very busy with school and I will be back to work soon. So a little bit of fun is not a bad thing. I will post pictures of Douglas’s Adventures in Montana soon in the next few days. Also I will post my 2 pick’s from the hours of Neon youtube video viewing. It’s on the Big Boy Computer at home which is currently off line. How sad, glad we have a  lap top back  up, whew. I’m loking forward to seeing who shows up next. I wonder if it’s that Bad boy Bongo? That could be a wild one. I’m a little worried about our sweet little Betty who is so impressionable could be trouble. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Yippee, I got Bongo today. I’m pretty excited. He’s pretty mellow right now but it was COLD in that mailbox so I think he’s still thawing out!

    • I can’t wait to see the Adventures of Bongo. We have been having fun with the buddy visitors. Or at least our first visitor was fun Douglas, he will be in the mail tomorrow am. And I hear two more are on the way. Fine with me I’m up for a few Adventure’s Looking forward to having fun with Phillip when he arrives. Have fun with Bongo.

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