Douglas visits Montana

Douglas the Red Sparkly Dragon Visits Montana.

Douglas the Red Sparkly Dragon Visits Montana.

Douglas swore up and down that at home he always eats skittles and mike and Ikes for all his meals. After a little trip to the vet, we found out that eating too many skittles can give a dragon an upset tummy. So the vet recommended  giving him hearty meals.


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  1. Watch out Posey will try that number too. She like laffy taffy and Sprite!
    That candy looks mighty good!
    I’m 100% jealous that, that is your view!

    • Hi Nikki Laffy taffy and Spite that sounds like a fun time to me! I wonder when she will be visiting? I know I have nibbles the bunny and pickles the Super pickle next at the same time. Could be like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Luckily my husband has been helping, he’s easily amused which is a good thing!

  2. Oh wow! Douglas actually let somebody ride him?? Am I seeing that correctly?

    And Skittltes! The little liar. At home he gets nothing but veggies and dragon mush. I’m going to have a serious talk with him about having a forked tongue, just as soon as I get my hands around his neck… er, I mean soon as he gets back home to my loving arms.

  3. Oh ,you guys are so funny! And Allison yes our Casey the little blue bear made fast friends with Douglas they had such a good time together! We cut him off the skittles pretty quick after taking him to the vet. Ya, You gotta watch these buddies cause they do tell stories now and then. I’m waiting for the next two nibbles and pickles LOL. Brightens up my Winter dulldrums. :+)
    I ‘ll post in the next day or two Douglases Montana Adventures.

  4. (spitting coffee) ok so what I’m seeing here is …
    we’ve got

    a lying dragon (douglas)
    a joy ridin’ pickle (sp)
    break dancin’ pony (posey)
    pimpin’ bunny ( nibbles)
    bikin’ hefer (lulu)
    thrill seeking monkey(bongo)
    naughty taunting little lemur (yoohoo)
    prone to sneak out flamingo (Philip)

    and our own little Boo Radley (Boo)

    and there is nothing at all wrong with ANY of us right?

    this is too much fun!

    • Hey Javejunkee, We sure have been having fun. And who new Bloggers were A. such fibbers, and B. Love to play with stuffed animals and C. well c is for…. cute ,cuddly, and yes CRAZY! ;+) Thanks for having the idea, and putting the details together. We have been enjoying ourselves. Nice to be creative in this high stress time of a crappy happy economy nice to have a little balance.

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