Internet Server Down in Montana!


Oh what a morning it’s been! No Internet connection at our house, no I’m not addicted. OK, maybe just a little bit. We made a call to the main Internet Sever Command Center. The word we got was our server is DOWN, effecting the whole state of Montana and Wyoming. So here I am at the local Library. The shaking and cold sweets have subsided as I slowly satisfy my Internet addiction. My Question for the day.

Are you addicted to the Internet. And how many days could you go without Blogging! ;+).

I’m not really addicted, look I went 5 hours without the Internet being hooked up. It’s like not drinking coffee. You give it up for a few day’s and oh that first cup is oh so good. Now that’s a good buzz. If you’ve never given up coffee I recommend it just for a few day’s because that first cup is a real zinger! I sure hope they fix our Internet connection soon! It was funny at our house this am it was like the electricity was out and your still walking around turning on light switches and the radio. My husband went over to goggle the phone number for the local coffee shop to see if they had service. Oh ya can’t goggle. Oh what’s life without goggle.


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  1. Hey mad man hatter, It sure is fun and wordpress is really great! We were at the Local librarythis am, now we have moved to my favorite Coffee Shop in town. It’s a tough day for my husband to have the Internet down. He’s on a deadline to get stuff ready for his Schooling.

  2. I can admit I’m addicted to the Internet. If we lose our power I’m okay with it but if my computer broke down, I would buy another one on the spot. It’s not so much the blogging but the feeling of being in the dark. I do much more on here than to just blog but ya, I feel like you are all kind of like family in a way.

    • It’s funny how reliant we can become on our computers. We use our computers a lot as well. They really are a wonderful tool. The internet is back up. We just got home I was delighted to be able to jump on line! What a relief, I was not looking forward to spending my time in coffee shops and the library. So I guess I can’t really say I did a one day internet fast, because I was at a Library and one Coffee Shop today. So that’s really not like going cold turkey oh well. Back line Wooo Hooo! ;+).

  3. Luckily I don’t have many problems with my internet connection. It’s only gone down once or twice in the 3 years we have had our service from our current provider. If we did lose it, I think I would go into convulsions. I’m on the internet HOURS a day to blog and work. 😀

    • Hi Gary, Hope your feeling better. I bet with your photo business you do spend a lot of time on the computer. Hows that going? Aren’t we coming up on a busy wedding time Spring and Summer? I enjoyed checking out your photo photographer links. The third one I really enjoyed the very creative out of the box shots. Hope you have a good day.

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