Neon Video Art Pick.


Neon Video Art Pick. The other morning I was on a search, no a quest for brightly colored neon Art. I had in my mind an idea, basically there were to many gray days in row, and I needed a break from the dismal battleship gray. So began my search, I found that neon is often accompanied by bumping techno music or flashing lights not exactly what I was looking for. Also in my several hour exploration of the word neon, found a kid breaking neon bulbs throwing them at a car in his neighborhood and then riding off on his skateboard, Bad kid. There a lot of videos of neon color under cars and in computers, I also found videos on how to make neon including one kinda cool one making neon in a mountain dew bottle. It’s funny how you can take one word on the internet and go crazy with it.


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  1. You know, I really liked this! I just sat and watched all the pretty shapes, sizes,scenes, and colors. It was very interesting. I loved the city scene and the car!! Thanks,! 😉

    • Hi Doraz, I’m glad you liked the video. It was crazy how many neon videos I looked at my eyes did start to cross. I do like bright colors so I thought it was fun and arty. Not sure what we do for the Weekend. Hopefully play in the Sun.;+)

  2. Of all my addictions, I’m afraid You Tube isn’t among them. I can’t stand trying to find something unless I know what it is and can find it right away. I know people who spend all day there. I think it’s my eyes and this stuff doesn’t agree with them.

    I like it much better when you find this stuff “for me!” LOL!!!

  3. Joy I forget about your eyes being sensitive . So what are your other addictions? Had to ask. LOL. I’m happy to explore youtube once in awhile for you ;+). It’s like an Easter egg hunt.

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