Douglas the Dragon goes to Montana.


Allison my blogger friend sent me a mystery box in the mail. I had no idea what to expect, when we pulled the tape away and slowly pulled back the corners of the cardboard   box , out jumped a sparkly red Dragon.    He made instant and fast friends with Casey the blue bear from Hawaii. After a quick Hello, Casey jumped on Douglas’s back. I really don’t blame him can you imagine if you had the opportunity to fly around on the back of a Dragon? I would have done the very same thing. After the skittles Fiasco and going to the vet, which because, it was only a small tummy ache the Vet did not charge us. We decided to get a hearty meal at Subway. We have  never tried the meatball sandwich before but felt it was probably the closest thing to dragon food that we could find. We all shared the giant sandwich as we pic nicked down by Flathead lake. Douglas felt he may have lost relatives in the Lake. There has been a mystery of sorts, a lock nest Monster rumor. So Douglas spent a fair amount of his time looking for family. With no results, he was a little sad about that, I could tell I think that’s part of the reason why he was so excited about coming to Montana.  We made a little video about his Adventures so If you have time just hit the link. I figure,  watch the video and then if you have Questions I can Answer them.  Thanks Allison for sending Douglas he was so much fun, very polite and well behaved. Hope you enjoy our film.

Douglas the Dragon looks for Flathead Lake Monster.

Douglas the Dragon looks for Flathead Lake Monster.



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  1. That was excellent. I just love watching it. What a cute little guy and what a great video. I’m glad he got used to the cold. He’ll be more used to it when he gets here. Thanks so much for doing this. Aren’t we having a good time. We’ll have to do it again. There are people who didn’t get a chance to get in on it and they want to. Thanks Starla.

  2. Hi Joy. Yes it has been fun, so far super fun, and I know a few other bloggers would like to get in on the fun. How nice that javajunkee was willing to go forth with her idea. At first I was a little worried I would screw it up. I hate being the one they say man she really screwed that so far so good. So far it’s easy, go to the post office take some pictures put the pictures on the blog. Next time I would like to send out a buddy, I was too chicken this time silly me. Glad you liked our little movie.

  3. Starla, I can see that you are the type of person that makes good on their word!! You decided to do this little adventure scenario, and I do believe you are doing a WONDERFUL job!! You really take the time to make it shine!!! Thanks for being you!! 🙂

  4. that was a super cute video!!! I liked him getting the cash out of the machine! See it’s painless …we might all wind up in the looney bin but it will have been worth it.

    I want to do another round after this one is over. My happy bunny is jealous now that bongo got to go out and he’s beggin’ for a road trip. I told him to be patient that we are going to do this again and it will be his turn next.

  5. OMG Starla! That has to be the best darned video ever! I wish I could have been there. The scenery, the sights, the snow! I should have mailed myself instead of Douglas. Sigh.

    Thank you so much for taking good care of Douglas and for showing him such a grand time!

  6. Javajunkie I bet happy bunny would love it at my house today! Ive been playing with nibbles the bunny all day, still waiting for pickles to show up in the mail. Life is a looney bin especially these days! I think playing with stuffed animals and doing photo shoots is saner then what’s been happening in our world today.LOL>

  7. Hi Allison, glad you liked the video we sure had a good time with Douglas he really grows on ya. He so pretty and sparkly fun to take pictures of, he seemed to like the snow pretty well, I would brush off his little feet after a photo shoot. The cold weather didn’t seem to bother him. I’m thinking Philip the flamingo, may have a harder time in the cold. We may have to wrap him up like a little burrito when we take him outside.

  8. Your blog is hilarious and I see you like to have fun! Hope Douglas doesn’t hang out too much with Puff the Magic… and Nibbles frost bitten. LOL

    Good stuff!

  9. Thanks Helen! My blogger friend javajunkee.wordpress. set up this fun idea of sending stuffed critters across the country. So it has been fun touring the animals around. Pretty silly, but fun. Thanks for stopping by. ;+).

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  11. Bear Snotcicle!!! CRACK ME UP!!!

    Love the video, this looks like it was a fun endeavor.

    Thanks Laura, it was a really Fun blogging project, it was the brain child of Javajunkee. I think there were 6 blogger’s that got involved sending stuffed animals to each other and taking pictures. It was such a fun project it forced me out of the house more in the Winter months with my camera taking pictures. This is Javajunkees buddy blog there is a collection of buddy stories.

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