Good news Nibbles is found.

Nibbles lost in the woods click here for movie.

Nibbles lost in the woods click below for movie.


Click here for Nibbles’s Mom’s website.


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  1. Boy Starla, that Nibbles really got around! He had more adventure at your place than I have had for a long time! Maybe I will put myself in a box and mail myself to your house!!! Start planning the “Adventures of Doraz!” LOL Great job!!

  2. This was excellent. What a great clip and loads of work. I loved seeing that. The dream deal was great thinking. I didn’t see it coming at all. I’ve driven through Montana and you just made me miss it. This is fun isn’t it?

    Great job Starla.

  3. Nice video Starla!!

    Nibbles is having quite the time in Montana! I think this is the first time I have ever been jealous of a stuffed animal. LOL

  4. Thanks Guys! We have been having fun with entertaining, taking pictures has been interesting with stuffed animals. I said to the post office lady in a very serious voice. Would you mind if I took a little picture of you and oh with my little rabbit here it’s for a blog you know it’s kind of like the traveling gnomes thing.” Oh sure, sure no problem.” I don’t know what could she say “No what are you whacked! ” It’s been an Adventure for sure.

  5. Wow, that was awesome. I’m glad it was just a dream because Nibbles doesn’t have many adventures when he is home with me. He mostly sits in the window in my room day dreaming. The movie was great. I am going to have to download it to my computer so Nibbles can watch it over and over. Thanks for taking such goo care of him.

  6. Your Welcome Joan, I thought Nibbles was a girl.;+). A pink bow I was call Nibbles a her. I confuse easily. I hope he’s not confused when ‘He’ get’s home. LOL Oh dear.

  7. Hey Joan ,I thought the bright colors from the 60’s were wonderful .I wonder if the fun bright colors will come back. Especially since the economy’s so rough. One of my favorite dresses my Mom had was a short dress hot pink dress with white large dots, plastic hoops in the middle of the dress with the midriff cut out, it was wild. I wonder if she still has that dress?

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