Blog blown to Bits.


You ever have one of those days when you hit a button on your blog and it  seems to blow up and get distorted and you have no idea how to retrieve it back to some orderly fashion?  I know it’s Friday but please don’t tell me this is an indication of how the day is going to be. Of course not it’s a small little glitch no need to panic. LOL. It’s only Life. Sometimes I hate computers, one stray finger doing the wrong thing and bam my whole blog gets distorted. Well at least I can laugh about it. Let’s  see how long this takes before I can figure out how to fix it. Sorry folks due to technical error on my part my Blog is blown to bits.


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  1. I’m not sure what to tell you about this. It’s funny, had you not said anything I may not have noticed but the header looks like it’s off centered to the right and your Zena post also has pretty big fonts. But then your blogroll and all that as well as this post, looks normal. I’ll see what the others have to say. I’ll try and check it out later if nobody else knows what to do or has an option for you.

    JJ knows a lot about stuff like this.

  2. OK, My hero, he just walked in from a town trip and two seconds helped me with my blog. It’s one of those days I’m just a little tired and my mind is running a little slow. Yes I do have days like that don’t you? Please tell me you do.:+) So I think the blog is back. Blown to bits Ok so I’m a little bit of a freekazoid, overracter so.

  3. Starla, we all have days like that. There are also a lot of times WordPress just decides not wot work right at all. Glad you got things worked out.

  4. Thanks Joy and Java, Ya I got It fixed. Looks like I’m I little over reactor. . A little while ago my internet server was down and I totally freaked. oh well maybe I need to just go with the flow a little bit better. LOL It did look pretty bad it was all squashed and some posts where huge and other’s were tiny oh well. It Fixed now.;+).

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