I’m missing my animal friends, I have a very small list of local people friends, most of them have pets. When I visit my friends I get the joy of visiting their pets too. I was at the grocery store yesterday walking through the parking lot. When I saw my friends car and her two cute dogs in the front seat. What is it with dogs, when you leave your car they always seem to go for the drivers seat. So I’m walking by her car and the dogs are in the drivers seat barking wildly, just going nuts, Navar walks up and they still keep barking, I’m by the side of the car, they can’t see me, and I say their names, not in harsh way just in a little excited way I was happy to see them. They immediately stopped barking, suddenly quiet like little church mice. I was thinking what are they thinking? They hear their names, I’m thinking maybe they think their in trouble and they better start behaving their Mom might be around. Anyway. They sure are cute they recently had puppy’s and boy were they cute. I wanted one of them terribly. The one I was extra fond of was called Zena, when she was a few days old she did this little whining squeak, I never thought a whine could be cute, but this was. I told my friends oh I want this puppy and they said”Oh no you don’t want her, she’s really independent, stays off to herself, does her own thing, she’s really got a mind of her own. Huh and these are bad qualities? I thought hmm we would get along famously. Well long story a little longer. We can’t have another dog we have two cats and one dog that get’s really, really,get sick sometime and needs a lot of extra care and attention. And the finances to care for her going to vet often. I actually know all this, it’s just every once in a while you run into a Zena princess Dog worrious.  Then a few days later we are at the local used bookstore, the owner’s dog very sweet, I ask what her name is and he says “Zena, but she’s trouble ,she’s very stubborn, and too independent.” I just laughed patted her on the head and had an instant appreciation for her . What’s with dogs named Zena. I actually like a little spiritedness.


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  1. What a great read Starla. You have such a big heart. I ended up with 5 cats in my house and I know it’s to many but I didn’t have the heart not to let them in when it got cold. I don’t have those kind of vet bills though so you are a smart cookie. Why are vet’s so expensive anyway????

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