Tundra Swans

Snow Geese feeding on  Winter Wheat

Tundra Swans feeding on Winter Wheat

Flying Tundra Swans

Flying Tundra Swans

A couple of days ago we took the Super Pickle back to the Post Office and on the way home decided to take a side road. Going down a long road sandwich between farm land on each side. I was amazed at the number of birds visiting Montana. They like to eat the budding sprout seeds the farmers plant. I’m sure not making the farmers too happy. But it really is an incredible site to see so many birds flying in, the Canadian Geese in their big v formations ducks and my favorite Tundra Swans they are such big birds. It was truly a fun surprise to see so many birds in one place.


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  1. I love to watch birds. Do the farmers there already have things planted? Ours don’t here yet. I was out with the kids on the 4 wheelers the other night and the geese are on the move here too. I love to watch geese fly and love the fact that they mate for life. It sounds so romantic.

  2. Joy I’m not sure if the farmers have planted yet or not, I’ll have to look into it. I know Navar has some friends who are farmers and they have complained about the birds eatting the seeds. As you can see I’m a big bird nut I really enjoy them. I like the fact that the Geese mate for life too. Well I’m off to a small girl get together LOL lets see, matching socks ,check. I change my shirt 3 times oh brother. Hopefully I can behave and be polite, ;+) hope it doesn’t last too long;+) Happy Saturday.

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