Tundra Swans not Snow Geese.


Apparently Snow Geese have black tips on their wings. Oops so this means that the picture I posted Saturday am was not Snow Geese but looks like Tundra Swan. This is why I am not an official Birder, only a Week end bird appreciator. I find it all a bit confusing at times but for some reason I am fascinated especially of late , as you may have noticed by my collection of bird and animal cams. We went back today to check the birds out again, I just couldn’t resist. We looked in the first field and they were not there, so we moseyed on down the road and made a right hand turn and Holy Cow Wow is all I can say Ive never seen so many birds in one place and the sounds that they made, I wish you were there. It was quite something. So Tundra Swans ,they are such big birds they look a bit like flamingos.


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  1. Great photos! The swans are so beautiful against the backdrop of your incredible mountains. Now here is a reason to go back again – you may be looking at more than one type of swan! March is a big month of movement for Tundras and also Trumpeters. Many Trumpeter Swans over-winter in the tri-state area in and around Yellowstone then move north into Canadian breeding grounds. A few may be returning to the Flathead Valley where a restoration program is underway. Our website has a lot of great information on swans, including the northern Montana project. We also have a lot of identification tips and a brochure you can download to help tell the difference when you scan those flocks. They, and the Snow Geese are a thrill – enjoy! And please do visit our website and Blog trumpeterswansociety.wordpress.com. We welcome your interest and need your support for our conservation efforts. We work to ‘keep them flying’ .
    Peg Abbott, the Trumpeter Swan Society

    • Thank You! Peg Abbot from the Trumpeter Swan Society! How nice a true blue birder. I checked out your Website Wonderful! I look forward to going back and learning more about Swans and your Society. There is so much to know about Swans. I am so taken by them and their majestic beauty. I can’t seem to get enough of them. Hopefully I will be back out tomorrow checking them out. If you need any pictures let me know I do not have a very high tech camera but I am privy to a wonderful location in the Flathead Valley. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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