Cup Cakes


My Birthday was a bit of food fest leaving me at the end with a small food hang over. I decided I wanted Pizza and Cup Cakes for my Birthday. Comfort food City. For some reason I went from making Red Velvet Cup cakes, Ive never had those before, pretty good with cream cheese frosting  with Sprinkles.  When picking out Ice Cream I noticed Haagen-Dazs had a new flavor or at least new to me. It is Coconut Pineapple, I usually will try different brands of Ice Cream and different flavors. I thought pineapple coconut would go good with cupcakes. I was right it was yummy. I didn’t think the Cup Cake thing through making 24 cup cakes for 2 people. So yesterday we gave the neighbors some and today I will look for some un expecting cup cake recievors.

What is  Your Favorite Brand and Flavor of Ice Cream.;and if you go to an Ice Cream shop do you always order the same flavor?


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  1. I love Peters (an Australian brand) Creme Broulee flavour, it is just awesome, I was a chocolate chip lover till I had my 1st taste of the creme Broulee now I’m hooked.
    A friend stayed last weekend & bought 4 litres of chocolate icecream. My wife Michelle doesn’t like chocolate icecream (weirdo) so after the friend left I had to eat all the rest by myself so there was room in the freezer for a new tub of Creme Broulee which is now Michelle’s favourite too

  2. I’m really not that big on sweets and I don’t like chocolate one bit. I do however like a little bit of ice cream, like twice a year!!! But, I do love vanilla things so I love a good vanilla ice cream cone now and then. I don’t usually try new things because for one, I don’t like chocolate and two, I love nuts but not in my food so I’m pretty boring when it comes to trying new things full of chocolate and nuts but I did try a new Kemps flavor a few years ago and when on the rare occasion I buy ice cream, it’s called birthday cake and it has frosting whipped into vanilla. I love that.

  3. We have an Ice Cream Parlor here called Whitey’s and it’s DELISH!! In the fall they have a pumpkin flavored ice cream that is just AWESOME!!! When pumpkin is not offered, I go for mint chocolate chip.

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