Lots of changes in 09′


What a nice day yesterday, a very fun Birthday. Today I go to the dentist when she called me yesterday she asked me would 2:30  be OK? And I said Sure.  The day before I heard a dentist joke on TV. The joke was What’s a good time to go to the dentist? Tooth hurtey. Anyway what’s the chances of that?  Ah 2:30, LOL I’ll try and not bring it up, I’m sure they have  heard that joke. before.  I just thought it was a funny coincidence. So hopefully my appointment will be fine and go well. I’ll tell you I’m a little weary facing my fears in 09. It seems to be one difficult task after another. I don’t know how 09 is turning out so far for you but I feel a bit. like I’m on a  roller coaster getting  whipped around a bit. Lots of really good things, but also a lot of difficult things. That’s life you say, well I suppose it is. I am not a real big fan of change or for that matter  involuntary change. It seems that things that I have been putting off and getting away with putting off seem to be haunting me this year. A lot of things that have been left undone are rising to the surface shouting next, next, it is truly exhausting but at the same time I suppose a good thing in the long run. Last year  my thought   was 08’s gonna be Great. I had mild hopes for the year. Instead of being great, it turned out to be oh GReeeeat  and not in a good way. Ending with a collapsing Economy. So here’s my Question.

My question is How has 09′ been for you so far is it what you expected or is their something Uniquely different about this year for you?


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  1. I don’t know. 09 is going to be hard. Our family business has been really bad and with tax hikes and business so slow…..I’m not politic talking!

    I don’t like change either. I hate it but I know I have to accept some things and go with it but for me, it’s very hard.

    I’m going to check back so tell us how it went for you today at the dentist.

  2. So far anyway, this year has been pretty much “business as usual” for me. Same old same old. There is good and bad in that of course. 😀

    Good because nothing really BAD has happened but bad because nothing really GOOD has happened either. 😀

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