One Year Anniversary Blogging Party AT JOYS BLOG!!!

Joy and Nikki and Sue are having a Party!!!

Joy and Nikki and Sue are having a Party!!!

Link to more about Party.Joys One year Blogging Anniversary Party. WOW One year that is a mile stone. Ive only been blogging for a few months and I can’t imagine blogging for a whole year! Back to the Party, I am really looking forward to this knowing the girls and how much fun they are you can bet this is going to be a Blast! Sorry about the short notice. The Party is March 30th Monday. If you can send her a pictures of some cute jammies and snack recipe and music and a movie if you would like. She would like that by the 28. Or just show up the more the merrier. I still need to send her a picture of my jammies. The blogging party will go into the night. an all niter, there will be a bonfire and tunes, anyway you can tell I’m excited. Hope to see you there!!! Happy Anniversary to the Joy Nikki and Sue. I Love Your Blogg!!!

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  1. Good Deal Doraz I was just working on my PJ’s and picking out a song. It’s an oldey but goody and a recipe. Looking forward to it, I’ll see ya there with bells on you will have bells on your jammies?

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