Cooking Disaster Story’s.


I have a Question. I was just wondering, I enjoy cooking and mostly I have moderate cooking success stories, but I do have a couple of disaster cooking story’s that easily come to my mind.  Do you have any Cooking  disaster cooking story’s?


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  1. does catching my moms favorite griddle on fire cooking a hot dog and getting too involved with General Hospital count? That was like when I was 15. YIKES!

    smoke was rolling out into the front room and I was like WTH? Then I remembered. Luke and Laura almost made me burn my house down and my mom was puuuuhissed off about her favorite griddle…it was ruined. I didn’t get my hot dog and missed the rest of GH!

    …………………worse story was my nephew who actually did burn their house up while cooking a tenderloin and fell asleep. The way their house was built though the fire itself stayed in the kitchen and totally gutted it but the rest of the house was all water and smoke damage. Was kind of strange. Yeah we can’t be trusted with sharp objects or hot stoves 😦

  2. I got a pot…filled it with water…put it one the burner…turned it on…..waked away to go watch TV….smelled something funny…..pot empty of water on burner…..YUCK!!!!!!…..POT DESTROYED!!!!

    I also went to drain out pasta in the colander a couple of times…and missed the colander!!! OOOps…start over!

  3. My first “big cooking date” was with my future in laws. I’d gone all out to show them what a “wonderful” person I was and what a great wife I was going to make. I got all the trimmings and all the groceries and put the “beef” roast in the oven and everything was a humming and a grooving. I took the roast out of the oven at set time and we wanted it medium rare…..but as it turned out, I’d bought a pork roast by mistake and back then, you couldn’t eat pork rare!!! We went to McDonald’s. I was totally embarrassed but it did give us a good story for later years.

  4. Back in the day before I became the stellar chef that I am now (cough cough), I almost set our house on fire.

    I put spaghetti noodles into a large pan, turned on the gas and didn’t put water in the pan. OOOOOOOOOOPS. After a bit, the kids smelled smoke so I went to investigate. BURNING SPAGHETTI NOODLES!!

    It turned out to be a KFC night. LOL

  5. Oh man, Cooking Disasters it happens to everyone some time or another. Here’s ours last Thanksgiving, my husband and I had different recipes for the Turkey so we were both contributing, not a good idea. We were invited to our friends party of 15, lucky the host was also cooking a Ham. We basted we doted we basted again and cooking it a beautiful golden brown. Proudly put it on a platter and brought over. We cut into the turkey at their house I immediately notice a bit raw in the center Ewww. I was mortified, but my friend was so sweet she said “No problem at all we’ll just pop into this hot oven and well have Ham.

    My other cooking story was for a work potluck I made a fancy jello with several different jello squares in it. I thought it was very festive, well after the 20 minute drive to work the jello shook apart and melted. So I just brought the picture in and passed it around and said this what I made isn’t it pretty?

    Anyway Thanks for sharing your cooking horror stories. I’t defiantly happens from time to time admits the success.

  6. When I was first married, I was making this chicken recipe and it called for swiss cheese. I bought the swiss slices that were each separated by that wax paper and shred them in the cheese grater along w/ the cheese. Didn’t realize until the dish was done baking and then I threw it out. I’m real ditzy that way at times. I HATE doing those kinds of things that could have been avoided had I only been paying attention LOL!

  7. I once made 2 pumpkin pies. When they came out of oven, they were picture perfect, beautiful! I cut them and served them to my family. They tasted awful! I’d forgotten to put any sugar in them! No amount of sugar on top would do. They wound up in the bin.

  8. Ya just had to ask that question didn’t ya.

    Once in my bachelorhood days I decided to cook fried rice. Thought I’d do an electric frying pan full to last me for a few days. I put one pot of rice on to boil but it didn’t look enough to fill the frying pan. I ended up with 4 pots of rice boiling away on the stove. I had more than enough for the fried rice, made a heap of creamed rice pudding as well & mixed the rest into the dog’s food for about a week just to get rid of it all. I’d never seen so much cooked rice before….

  9. Wow. Once I spent hours making delicious chocolate chip cookies, but I forgot to take them out of the oven. My oven was a fairly old one but surprisinly very quiet, so I forgot it was on and went to sleep. I woke up in the arms of a fireman dragging me from my burning house. The house was destroyed and since I rent I hadn’t even considered any insurance. And after all that I didn’t even get to eat my cookies…

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