Re Charging my Battery maybe.


Boy I’ll say It’s been a week. Some of it I would do over again and some not so much. Still waiting on the root canal who knew there would be a line. Oh well. I’ll be glad when that’s all behind me. Yesterday I went and bought some  Vegetable seeds and special seed potting soil so I can get an early start on gardening.  On my Blog roll isPlaying N the dirt my new friend who I look forward to gardening with this Spring. Check out her Blogg and please say Hi.;+). Joy’s Party was super fun,  and a wonderful success. Now she is putting up posts for her New Year, shes very dedicated I appreciate that. With so much that’s gone on this week I was lucky to get through the week let alone post too much and actually considered putting up a little Gone Fishing Sign so I could re charge my battery. Still thinking about that. I may have a couple of buddy’s yet to entertain and take pictures of and of course I would do that. I’m not sure how addicted to Blogging I am my Internet server was done for part of day and I had a huge hissy fit, so really I’m not sure how long I could even stay away. My To Do List is getting ridiculously long add Spring Clean the House Go Back to Work, organise all my wordily goods ie clean storage unit out I put that on the same track as root canal. And oh ya fix my tooth. Sigh oh well Life is Grand. So I’ll keep you posted on the Gone Fishing Thing.Hope All is Well with your world. How about Free Chat Tuesday? Being as I’m recovering from the last week.


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  1. Hello there Starla! I am glad you had a chance to visit @playing in the dirt. It is very informative,huh? She had a lot of ideas about gardening and other things!! Hope you have a fun day and hope there is a lot of adventure lurking in your parts!! 🙂

  2. I know there are times we just feel overwhelmed. But just do one thing at a time. Don’t look at the whole list at once. If we did that, we’d never get anything done. Just say to yourself, I’ll blog while I have this cup of coffee and then I’ll go start X-Y or Z. There is no rule that says you have to get everything done right now. Just do what you can and feel good about that. Things will fall into place before you know it.

  3. Thanks Guys Maybe I’ll try and start with the house do some cleaning today that always seem help me feel more organized. Your right Joy I was looking at the whole list things seem to ramp up around here in the Spring and really get going in Summer to a frothing frenzy. I guess it’s because Winter is pretty laid back. This is one of the first Winters we’ve actually been pretty busy.LOL I like that, things will fall into place before you know it. And a cup of coffee always a good Answer. So If I didn’t have a Gone Fishing sign Java. What about Gone to Coffee Rehab bb in a month? Did you see Dennis Rodman and his TV Intervention on the Apprentice? Nice place for an intervention reality TV. Big breath of relaxing sigh OK, break it down into chewable bits :+).

  4. Joy’s advice is the best! I do the same things! I NEVER look at the WHOLE list because it always bums me out. LOL

    Just take one day at a time and things will get done. I used to fret about all the “crap” I needed to get done. I would worry about this and that and when and how. Then I realized that worrying about it didn’t make anything better so I just kinda stopped. I just do what I can when I can and deal with it.

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