One of my favorite Blogg’s is my good friend Dennis’s Diary of Destruction.. Graciously they have bestowed upon me two awards and for that I am Thankful.

zombie chicken award

zombie chicken award

Friends Award

Friends Award

And to anyone who covets this award I would say please help yourself as I have noticed many blogger’s seem to like to break the award rules. And being one who follows rules sometimes and enjoys to break a rule now and then. So a big Thank You again for the two awards please check out their blogg it is lighthearted and it’s easy to become very fond of Dennis and family.


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  1. Congratulations Starla! Very well deserved awards. I love the photo in your header. Did you take it or is it stolen like my header photo which I actually think I will change today.

  2. Thank You Joan. Yes I did take the header picture it was at Glacier Park. If you look at my cam page there is a Live Web cam of Glacier Park, last night we opened the cam and watched the sunset looking at the first picture on the cam. It’s pretty fun the weather has been clear so you can see the mountains on the cam.

  3. Hey Rule Breaker :+) help yourself the awards are cute ones. funny a Zombie chicken lol the friends one is nice too. I’m working on a LULU slide show I need to sit down with my Husband he helps me in the editing room. Crazy creative prossess. Looking forward to a new buddy I got a little tiny kite, super small buddy size to fly. So the next buddy that shows up I’m going to take kite flying.

  4. Way to go Starla. I may steal the hearts one! I really think that one is cute. You deserve it. You little rule breaker you!!!! Join the club!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your WELL deserved awards Starla!!

    Thanks for passing along the awards to us as well! I am somewhat of an award slut so I will be sure to post the Friends award for all the world to see on my blog.


  6. Gary Thanks!!! Enjoy your award, you award slut you. LOL There are some pretty cool awards and it’s fun to gussy up the Blogg. Hope you enjoy this nice Spring weather with the Family.

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