Spring could be on it’s way.


The Gray Clouds are back, but I don’t care because Yesterday was a stellar day. Now I know what they mean by Hope Springs Eternal, or at least I think I do. Maybe I will have to goggle it to be sure. But finally a warm Sunny day! There is still a yard full of snow it’s the slow thaw. You could feel it in the air the giddyness the manic feeling of Spring. Everyone we ran into yesterday was chipper. Our neighbors had us over for an outdoor BBQ a little macaroni salad sodas and a Movie, that was fun. My husband decided to go Fishing twice once at a small lake that is usually buzzing with summer revelers it was our own personal lake still covered with ice so he had to take the big blue ice ager to cut a whole into the ice, I didn’t say it was really officially Spring it’s just that the air has warm with the excited feeling that maybe, just possibly, Spring is on it’s way. Fishing was slow so, he ended up laying on the blue dock soaking in the sun. I was in the car reading a book which was as close to heaven as Ive been in awhile, I did take a kite out that I had purchased at the dollar store 2 for a one dollar what a deal! The string was tied in the wrong place so it flew in tight circles like a fighter kite. We retied the string and up it went, I’ll post picture later today of the small lake, kite flying and we went to a local outdoor auction a couple of pictures from there. But first I’m going to have more coffee and grab a bite of breakfast.


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  1. Starla, that is one of the things I like about you…you live and keep it real! I loved your story! Spring IS in the air! My mother-in-law will be here on Friday! I am busy getting ready, so if I am quiet…no fear…I will be back, like Arnold!!! LOL
    Have a great breakfast! I got to do the same! Oatmeal, blueberries,granola, and syrup…all in a bowl and mixed to go!!! Yummy! 🙂

  2. Hey Doraz, I sure understand how life can get really busy. Enjoy your time with your Mother-in-law. The nice thing about company is sometimes you get your house in tip top order. I could use a little company my house is in need of a Mother-in law cleaning. LOL When the sun comes streaming thru the window you can see the dust flying Yikes. ;+/.

  3. Sounds like you and your husband had a nice day! That’s ALWAYS AWESOME!! I’m glad it’s starting to feel like Spring in Montana. Spring is springing nicely here in Illinois FINALLY.

    I’ll stay tuned for the photos from the day. I like to look at photos ya know. 😉

  4. I love the day you had. We had a good weekend weather wise also. You can just “feel” spring can’t you? The smell 🙂 Don’t you love that. You can really smell it.

  5. 🙂

    I remember the time when we used to make kites with colored paper and sticks shaven from leaves of coconut trees…
    We coated the string with rice flour paste so it was strong and could cut the opponent’s kite, in case of competition!

    Kite-Flying on the beach is mega fun too!!

  6. Hey Archie, Nice to see you. I think Kite flying is really fun. Ive never flown in competition, a strong string I bet that would be very important. I Love the bright Colors of Kites as well. I look forward to going out again.+)

  7. Spring is back in the air today. This weekend was misreable. Rain, snow and 60 mile an hour winds. Today all is calm warm sunshine. The seedlings are all leaning towards it and I hope it encourages the peppers to pop up.

  8. Hey liajo! Boy it has been a long Winter sounds like it’s been long there too. I sure that Love that warm sunshine I’m ready for the warmer weather. My seeds are in the window basking in the sun. I think I’ll do some more playing in the dirt in the next few days.

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