To Exercise or to not Exercise that is the Question.


Every few months I like to visit the topic of exercise. Yesterday watching the Bonny Hunt Show. She had on her brother who is a Doctor. Someone asked the question What is the number one thing you could do that was positive for your health. And I barked out the Answer oo ooo I know this Exercise! and the answer IS Exercise. The last time I thought about it I made a little game, every time I miss spell the word I hop up right then and there and do several jumping jacks. Figuring I would kill two birds with one stone. After trying to write a post on the subject and continually misspelling the word I hopped up enough times that the next day I was walking to my car saying why do my calf’s hurt oh yeah. I haven’t written anything on the subject since, but the whispering of Spring gets me thinking again on the subject. One thing I have thought about is it starts in the head with a decision that maybe it would be easier to exercise a half hour 3x a week or so then the constant daily thought I should which can be more exhausting then the actually exercise itself. First I need to find the bike, next drive the bike to a gas station to pump up the tires, maybe get a bike tune up but probably not and then last but not least get on the bike and cruse around.Hmmm. An add on thought, the one time I really did well with regular exercise is when I heard the advice only exercise when you DON’T want to. That turned out to be every day, maybe I should adopt that idea again, so that means today I would exercise.

My Question is…. Where do you stand on the Exercise Question, not to encourage guilt. I was just wonder what your thoughts are. And if you have an exercise program Please brag about it, maybe you can inspire me.


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  1. Not so long ago I was in search of the perfect infomercial purchase. Nothing really stood out as an answer, if I could afford it I would maybe get a WII. I did a post on exercise infomercial awhile ago the one that stands out is this silly red pony thing it didn’t look like you would really get any kind of a work out. Walking that’s always a good Answer. Or maybe walking and drinking coffee at the same time too bad I couldn’t walk, drink coffee and blog all at once.

  2. Gosh! I also have a blog about the exercise question today. Mine is very personal though because I need help. I’m hoping to make myself ride my bicycle to work more this summer. I only live 2 miles from my workplace. I could actually walk it but have foot problems so I use that as an excuse.

    In truth… I HATE exercise.

  3. Oh, and I would probably exercise/move more if, like you, I could drink coffee, blog, and exercise all at the same time.

  4. OK, here goes! To use the Nike slogan: Just do it!
    Two years ago I weighed 200 pounds and I was in very bad health! I changed my diet completely and I started to exercise. I started out walking for 15 minutes a day and then bumping that up 5 minutes every week until I got to 30 minutes. Once I lost 40 pounds I kicked it up a notch and started riding my bike. I now ride my bike 30 minutes a day, aprox. 5 miles, do 75 stomach crunches and I have just started a very light weight program.
    I am now down to 145 pounds and fit comfortably in a size 10. For 5’2″ I think this is ok. I know I will never be a size 6 again!
    I do not use the weather as an excuse. Today we were down in the 30’s so I put on my thermals, sweats, gloves and hit the road. If it rains, I have a rain suit. To me going outside to exercise is MY time. I can listen to my music or just listen to the peace and quiet.

  5. Exercise is the key to my mental and physical well-being.
    It is also my time to be me.
    I use music with my exercise,
    It makes it more enjoyable and I forget I am exercising!
    I do strength training with the weight machines at the gym.
    I also walk/run for 2 miles.
    I do not do this every day…but, 3-4 times a week.
    You need to stay with a system, or it won’t work.
    I also love to swim, it takes care of all areas!
    Dancing works for me, too!
    When I do not go to the gym, I park far away from where I am going…to the market,for example…and walk!
    Walking is great for me, in between!
    Good Luck!

  6. I love to be active but do have to admit, I’ve gotten very lazy. I do plan to start walking more and running. I hate the way I feel but I need motivation and I haven’t seemed to have that lately. I do have a Wii and really should get that Wii fitness.

  7. I would love to exercise. I dream of exercising but every time I actually think of doing it there is always something better to do. I envy these people who truly enjoy exercising. Those people who choose it over a good TV show or a book. I just can’t figure out how to become one of those folks.

  8. I used to excersie a lot! I used to lift weights 3 or 4 days a week and would ride my bicycle in the spring, summer and fall an average of 20 miles every day.

    Notice I used the words “used to”. I just don’t have the time for those activities as I once did. I walk a lot in the spring, summer and fall but that’s about it. Oh, and I swim a lot in the summer. 😀

  9. Yoga, I love it. I also can’t believe how easy most of it is. A mat only costs about $10. If you have any kind of cable or satilite TV look for a fitness channel, most will have a yoga program. Watch first then record it. I thought “there is no way I can do that” I’ve 3 knee surgeries, but I can. It’s great. I bike around town in warm weather and garden, now there is a work out. Up, down, shovel, haul, lift.

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