Free Chat Wednesday!


What would you like to chat about? Whats you dreams your hopes your fears? OR Simple Whats on your mind? Whatcha Thinkin About? Or are ya just starring  off into space taking a mind vaca. Ya me too.;+)


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  1. Well, Let see I was just watching the original chicken dance with Lawrence Welk wondering to post or not to post. Fears? I have an appointment for a root canal tomorrow am and then a follow up crown, I think I’d rather watch the Chicken Dance! Dreams to have the Sinus pain gone hopefully once I get my tooth fixed. That was easy Looks like I do have hopes fears and Dreams and I thought I was just staring off into space.

  2. I’m dreading the long weekend coming up. I’ll have my husband home on Fri and a houseful of people here on Sun and I’m wondering when I’ll be able to get things done with him walking around making a HUGE mess right after I just clean. I get very stressed when he has extra days off. It throws me.

  3. Hey Joy, I understand that my Husband been home all the time since he got laid off. We have been spending a lot of time together. LOL A little ankle kicking from time to time. He will be going back to School soon and I will be working. Funny it doesn’t take long for the busyness of Spring and Summer to begin. I wish you could go with me tomorrow for my root canal. I hate it when Life makes you do stuff you don’t want to. ;+/. I know I’ll be OK.:+). I’ll soon be part of the root canal club.

  4. Hey Joan that’s so funny I can just see you doing the chicken dance with your pimped out walker.;+) Do you have a seat on that thing? If so it would be easier unless you just did it with one hand. Makes me Smile just thinking about it.Careful maybe bust a little move not too much of a wild shake shake. Remember Shake your booty was that Disco? Can you believe I just learned that dance? I guess I just don’t get out enough?

  5. I second Gary. Welcome to the root canal club. See, we all survived and you’ll be so happy when it’s over and you’ll wonder why you even worried about it. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

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