LuLu’s Montana Adventure!


This is LuLus’s Moms Blogg.Thanks for sending Lulu we sure had a good time!

Also check out the Buddy Blog.


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  1. Wow! Thanks for taking such good care of Lulu! I love that all the animals are black and white…she must have fit right in. And the meat processing shirt – hahahahaha! I bet that freaked her out a bit.

    Such beautiful scenery and all the cows – I’m sure Lulu felt right at home.

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  3. LuLu has a lot to write home about!!!
    You go all out for your company!
    I will be excited to come for a visit!
    Maybe one day, soon!
    Until then, thanks for all those fabulous shots of the area!!!

  4. Starla, that was brilliant!!!! The scenery there is breathtaking!!! I so want to visit! The hills of NE PA are nothin’ compared to your mountains but we has cows!!!
    (Yeah, JJ, I saw those humping dairy queens! Starla flipped that image rather quickly. Didja notice? HAHA)

    Your kitties are adorable but that blue-eyed dog!! I so love him!!!
    And the horses in the fields! Don’t even get me started!!
    You rocked it!!

  5. LOL – I came from Javajunkee’s site and had to have a laugh at the little buddy’s adventures. Your video is great and I love that all your pets are black and white – am I the only one that noticed that? 🙂

  6. Another excellent video Starla. I enjoyed it so much. I love the way she looks like your “real” animals. That is so cute. The meat processing thing cracked me right up!! LMAO!!!

  7. OMG that was amazing and very beautiful.. Me and my daughter have been following the buddies from the beginning and love them. You did an outstanding job.

  8. Oh, I am so wanting to visit Montana. What a beautiful state. I can’t believe LuLu gets to go and I don’t. I wonder if I can mail myself. I better lose some more weight. I think the P.O. goes by weight. If I show up parcel post will you show me those mountains?

  9. WordPress party in Montana. LOL Wouldn’t that be nice to have a big wordpress party? Who’s in charge of wordpress? I wonder if wordpress ever has get togethers, just wondering. I’m glad you guys liked the LULU Adventure we sure had fun. Bongo still here I didn’t have the heart to put him in the box to mail him off today. He was holding my hand today after the root canal. So maybe tomorrow he’ll hit the road. Hard to say good bye to these little guys.

  10. LOL Ok … if you take bongo out and you are having pictures of him and animals that look just like him I am packing my bags and putting myself in a friggin’ box!!!

  11. Javajunkee, I made a little cowboy scarf this morning for Bongo he’s starting to feel the Montana Spirit. I wanted to take him today to check out the driftwood fort and the Lake. And my husband just announced that he got an Email from a friend of his asking if he wanted to come over for boys night, beers around the bonfire and of course Bongo went crazy and asked if he could go along I said I’d ask but the plan was to get him into the mail today. He’s already done a little bar hopping he might be on a little bit of a bender I hope hes not in AA or anything like that. Let me know.

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