Comfort food and forts


Who arrives to a root canal a half an hour early? I did I don’t know what I was thinking I guess I didn’t want to miss it. I survived it to my surprise and live to tell the tale. Feeling a little tender thankful for aspirin. My sinus still hurts but I have high hopes that maybe the pain will go away if I give it a little time. I think I will be pretty sad if this is not the answer to the sinus situation. But the tooth already feels better. OK Nuff of that.

So my Friday Question Is when you feel puny or sick what is your favorite comfort food? I have another question We went for a short walk by the lake on the way home and saw a really cool driftwood fort. When you were a kid growing up did you build forts and what kind or tree forts? I may have to go check that out again and take a picture and post it.


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  1. when I am really sick the only food that comforts me is my moms homemade potato soup! And I’ve tried to duplicate it and I don’t think it can be done 😦 If she’s up to it I can get her to brew me up a batch …but at 85 sometimes she tells me to just buck up and get over it! 🙂

    ….forts OH yeah I loved building forts and play areas. We had all kinds of trees in our yard when I was little and we always had a fort going. In the house my mom would let me take blankets and drape them over the dining room table to make forts.

  2. Starla, I am so happy your root canal experience went well. I will hope for the best with that sinus problem you are trying to get rid of!! My comfort food is ice cream! Yum Yum…any time! As far as forts go, we had them. We lived in an area with a lot of trees, so we would get sticks, lean them every which way, and build…build, and build! In the winter, we built igloos! Really fun memories! Thanks!

  3. When I was a kid we had a fort up in the woods that we built out of branches and discarded wood and corrugated plastic. I doubt it would have held up to a siege, but it had a commanding view of the river valley as it was right on the edge of a bluff.

  4. This will sound so sick but a favorite comfort food for me when I don’t feel good is Lipton Chicken Noodle soup. I love it when down.

    I used to love forts and play houses. My grandchildren like to do it now and it really makes me smile.

    So good to know it all went well at the dentist. I’m always early too. Just keep plugging along and you’ll feel better soon.

  5. Hey Starla!!

    REALLY glad to hear your root canal went well! See, we told you it would be all good. I also hope this helps your sinus problem. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! 😀

    I have two comfort foods I like when I am sick. I make a pretty mean Chicken Noodle Soup and Potato Soup. I love them both on a cold winters day or when I’m sick.

    As far as forts go, yes I loved forts but I was lucky enough to never have to build any. LOL I grew up in a trailer park when I was a kid. There were empty trailers all over the place and empty steel sheds as well. When the empty trailers were left open it became our fort. Sometimes all we could get was a shed. Shed not quite as nice as a trailer but fun none the less. 😉

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