Kite flying and frozen dock!

Waiting for the thaw.

Waiting for the thaw.

Early spring kite flying.

Early spring kite flying.


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  1. I have a great kite and might bring it out on Easter. The kids love doing it and it’s so much fun. The last time we put it up it took us FOREVER to bring it down. My poor son wound forever. I’ll be an hour it took us. I guess we let it get up to high.

  2. Joy,I hope when you fly your kite maybe you’ll take pictures. My little cheep kite is pretty nice cause I don’t think it will go very high so the idea of the long time wind in I know how that can go. I remember doing that as a kid you just keep letting out string. I also bought a mini kite it’s a butterfly it’s very small like 3″ with a long tail that one you could probably fly really high. I will have to take that one out again. Maybe when Philip arrives.:+).

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