Driftwood Fort

Inside drift wood fort.

Inside drift wood fort.

Drift wood fort.

Drift wood fort.

Drift wood fort with Mountains.

Drift wood fort with Mountains.

The other day when we stopped to walk by the lake I was surprised when we came upon this driftwood Fort. The excited feeling of finding a treasure in the wild came rushing forward as I inspected the construction of the fort. The memory of building forts with my younger brother came flooding back to me and how much fun we use to have as kids hanging out, spending lots of time  outside, building forts or tree-forts. One tree fort I remember we put a mattress underneath and would jump out of the tree fort it seemed a long ways down. I’m sure if I went back to that house as an adult the tree wouldn’t look as big as I remember it, and the distance of the jump as high, not like the long treacherous jump that I remember that would  create such an Adrenalin rush.

I was glad when we went back today to check it out the fort was still standing and treasure stood waiting for someone else to come across.


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  1. Cool fort! We use to build them inside too with blankets and use books to hold down the corners. Then, we’d even sleep in there. My favorite to build were the snow forts. You are right, this brings back great memories!

  2. That is indeed a really cool thing to just happen upon. I would have been giddy finding something like that on a simple stroll. I wonder who made it? It’s pretty cool it’s still standing. Maybe a couple of kids. That would be fun. This is really neat and I’m glad you put it here.

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