Free Chat Saturday.


Some times ,time seems to be moving so fast it’s hard to keep up, the days flip by like a  calender in the wind and other time I look back at the beginning of 09 and  it seems like so much has happened. I’m excited about learning new things and trying to venture out of my comfort zone. After being forced out of my comfort zone time and time again this year I have come to the conclusion that I am more resilient then I thought and actually once your out of the the big C zone there is words like  Life, Adventures, and new experiences. I’m looking forward to learning some new things recently I learned about watching Golf on TV as silly and stupid as I thought TV Golf was I have found I actually like to watch it,  another surprise I discovered music from the 30’s on Sunday nights here there is a radio station that plays music like Sinatra old Blue eyes  and others. I’m   to young to remember these song so it’s new to me and I found listening to it incredibly relaxing who new.  Oh I did say Free Chat Saturday, so if you don’t feel like chatting about a question anything you would like to chat about of course. One other thing Ive thought about it, Ive run into a couple of  neighbor dogs the last couple of day’s running loose I think Spring is making our domestic friends a little wild, kicking up their heals who can blame them. But I thought I’d just mention it we were able to find both of these dogs but I hate when people loose their trusted companion . So just a heads up on the thought dogs are feeling Spring fever too  and some might be wanting to run amok.

My Question is What new thing have you discovered or something you would like to check out that’s out of the ordinary day to day for you?  Or of course Free Chat.:+).


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  1. It’s really good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. I hate it though and don’t do it much anymore. I guess I don’t really need to. I stress so much about having a big group at my house so I’m pretty stressed out about tomorrow. I’m having more than a houseful and I do have to say, I don’t like it. My house is very small and I have 7 animals and some of them get stressed with all the people.

    I’ve found with something like golf or fishing shows, it’s like a reality show. Once you start watching, you want to see the end and want to see who “wins.” I used to hate watching all those things but I like to see the finish line.

    Have a great Easter and I for one, will be glad when it’s Monday and it’s all over.

  2. Hi Starla,
    Marion arrived safely. We are busy trying to figure out what to do. She uses a walker, so we are limited. We plan on going to get some of her “favorite foods” today. Then we are having company over tonight, so they can welcome her to CA! As far as your question goes, I do “new” bizarre things every day! Too many to even think about! I love variety, it keeps you young and alive!!!

  3. Starla, it is me mad man hatter, i had to start another blog my others had a major problem not letting me post any more. So this be me now!

  4. Hey there Starla! I’ve discovered that I enjoy going to the driving range and whacking a basket of balls! It’s so fun! I even hit the ball collector guy riding his little cart “SCORE” – it was totally awesome- don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt, he has a sturdy wire cage around him… but it was so cool hitting him. He jumped a little. Tee-heee!

    I’m a homebody, so everything outside of there is out of my comfort zone. I’m learning that I do have to go out sometimes. It’s hard for me though.

    Happy Easter!!!

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