Bongo tangled with the DOG!


Wait! Is this Bongo?

Wait! Is this Bongo?


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  1. Starla, you have become quite the photographer and storyteller!! That is great! I love coming over and seeing what kinds of crazy things you are getting yourself into to! Always an adventure! Thanks for the fun! Sinus any better?

  2. Starla, you naughty, naughty girl!!! I am ROFLMAO!!!! I think I wet my pants!! You are to funny girlfriend!!! Eee gads!!!!!!

    I think this is one of the best ones so far. JJ must have pissed herself!!!!!!!

  3. I end up with stuffing all over the house from my two Jack Russel’s and there favorite play toy’s. They really love the sqeeky toy’s the best!

  4. Purple Hatter, There ya are I was just thinking about you and was gonna come over to your blog for a visit. Since the weathers getting better thought you guys might be out in the Garden. Our dog loves sqeeky toy’s and she likes to kill it and rip its guts out yuck.

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