Strange Jobs.


As I look back at my past work History, trying to get a picture of what may be my recurring theme, I notice something odd. And that is, I seem to have found myself in a few unusual or strange jobs. I’ll give a couple of examples. Awhile ago I had a waitress job and was wanting to still make a little extra cash. The Rose Lady that use to walk through the restaurant asked me if I would like a job I said I wasn’t really wanting to sell roses to the dinners what else did she have? She said “We need someone to take the thorns off the roses.” Perfect, I would sit in their back yard with plastic gardening gloves and pop the thorns off the roses. I actually enjoyed this as a second job. Defiantly a no brainier job. The other job was at Christmas time I thought I would be decorating wreaths I was put in a small cold room with about 8 other people standing at chicken wire tables. We would weave tree bows through the chicken wire rectangles, now get this and make grave blankets. I never new something like that existed even small blankets for childrens Graves. I thought that was defiantly a different job. I have yet to dress up in a Chicken outfit and hold a sign but my working carer is not over and I’m not sure how that would look on a resume.

So My Question for the day is… What is one of the Stranger Jobs that you’ve had?


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  1. Breeding rabbits on our farm!
    I had hundreds of them!
    I sold them and made “lots of money!”
    I thought I was rich!
    I was 12 years old at the time!
    It was a blast!

  2. well it’s not really strange but there was only one other chick in the plant that learned to do it…and that was drive the fork truck. And I’m talking a regular size forklift. Not one of those standon cart like kinds… I’m talking the kind daddy of fork lifts…that sucker would spin on the ice in the winter when we went out to get pallets. I got to be really fast at loading trucks and (can I get a drum roll) I was the ONLY one even out of all the guys driving that NEVER in the whole time I worked at the plant driving that NEVER….put the forks through any of the goods up on the shelves! I was so f ‘ing pleased with myself that I got to leave knowing I had kicked all kinds of ass on that fork truck.
    Plus some of the drivers asked for me to load their trucks cuz they said I did it better (oh yeah baby I strutted around with that one) 🙂 😦 I miss that job! SIGH and the plant closed up.

  3. Very Cool Jobs. that was fun hearing you talk about them.Thanks for that! And Gary you never know it’s not over till it’s over plenty of time to some day have a really strange job.LOL And your first pick is not what I’m talking about. Boy I have a good memory!

  4. “your first pick is not what I’m talking about. Boy I have a good memory!”

    Huh? You must have a better than me. Can you refresh my memory on this one???

  5. I have had only 2 jobs in the past 40 years, bank teller for five years and store owner for 25 years. Ten of the forty years I took care of the family.

    Before that, when I was about 16, I got an after school job putting little white covers on little white empty boxes. I lasted about a week. BORING!! I couldn’t take it and chose not to have money rather than do that awful job.

  6. I worked at a Boarstud barn. I was in the lab and looked at sperm under a microscope for artificial insemination for the sows. We packed it and sent it to the people who ordered it. It sounds really gross and really weird but I loved that job. I didn’t “get the sperm out of the bores” but got it ready to go out to customers. It’s BIG business.

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