Bongo’s Wild Montana Adventure!


So that wasn’t Bongo after all! It’s a little confusing because one of Makwa’s favorite Toy’s does look a lot like Bongo. Sorry about the mix up. I’m so glad that the real Bongo is safe and sound and on his way to his next Adventure! We sure had fun with him Thanks Javajunkee for sending such a cute little Buddy!
Bongo’s Mom’s Blog
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  1. ahhh look at my little bongo!!! He’s in love and he got a tattoo 🙂 That was a sweet video!!!

    thank you starla for hosting our buddies and making these super cool videos of their adventures 🙂

  2. My pleasure Javajunkee, Hope it wasn’t to traumatic today with the impostor Bongo. We couldn’t resist with Makwa’s favorite Monkey toys. Music was hard to pick out this time hope it was OK. I couldn’t believe that they let me take pictures in the tattoo parlor that was fun and it was such a nice place inside. Hope you have a good night.

  3. I saw the why be normal sign as a car bumper sticker I thought that was cool. We’ve taken most of Philips Adventure pictures and Joy glad you like scenery lol Philip went sight seeing. And Doraz I’m recharging my battery today!!! I think that’s what I do I go go go and then Rest and recharge. ;+)

  4. LOL I had so totally planned on taking one of the buddies in for a tattoo…my guy though is always swamped and I knew he wouldn’t ever have a non busy time to take pictures of a buddy 😦
    I will only step foot in ONE tattoo shop in this town or the surrounding area ! It’s like a friggin operating room as far as being sterile and clean..but damn it he’s like booked for months out at a time.

    so I am glad one of the buddies (mine) 🙂 got to go visit a real tattoo shop 🙂

  5. Thanks Sue! It was fun touring the little guy around. Mooses bar is fairly famous I think there is a you tube video of it I’ll have to go look.

    S.Le who wants to be normal any way. LOL

    Dennis call off the House investigation solved. Bongo found intact. LOL Boy if that were really Bongo my dogs name would have been Mudd!!! I would have felt so bad.;+/.

  6. Oh Wow, I’m so glad he still has his leg & appendix after all. Looks like they had a ball. One slip on that barbed wire though & goodbye Mr. Entrails

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