First Spring Flower pops up in the yard!

First Spring Flower

First Spring Flower

I can’t even tell you how excited I felt, seeing the first flower pop up in the yard. 


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  1. The first flower, first robin sighting and buds on the trees excites me to no end every year!

    Just leave all the poop in the yard Starla!! Makes for GREAT fertilizer and gives you more pretty flowers!! LOL

  2. FIRSTS in life are ALWAYS close to the heart!
    My son made his confirmation today…sorry so late in stopping by!
    Hope all is well with your sinus!!!

  3. How beautiful. I am simply green with envy. I am finally seeing things sprout up but nothing like this is happening yet. It’s gorgeous.

  4. Hey Doraz, Sounds like you guys had a Wonderful day! The feeling of Spring is definitely in the air and it’s hard not to feel the exhilaration. Sinus still hurts it’s been a tough week on that front I was so hopeful after getting the root canal. I’m so ready for the pain to be gone. But for what ever reason it’s still hanging on. So patience will be my new virtue even if it try’s to get the best of me. :+).

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