Survived the first day.


Day one of work I survived.  Surviving is always a good thing. This morning was pretty funny my husband and I both going to work at the same place so we are both wondering around trying to get ready.  I’m trying to Blog, it became apparent there was just not going to be time to do that, so decided I would catch up on  Blogging  when I got  home, and maybe  getting  up earlier in the future.  The coffee was not kicking in this morning which made getting ready really difficult. Not working for awhile was like going from 0 to 60. When I went to brush my teeth I noticed I put the tooth paste on the back of the tooth brush. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before I was grateful actually because at that point I could put things into perspective and relax laugh and not get too worked up. I realized it’s probably pretty normal when you haven’t been working for awhile to be a little rusty on the morning routine . We finally took off only to return moments later for a few forgotten items at this point I’m looking at the coffee canister on the burner and I’m thinking I know I’m going to want more coffee today a lot more,  so I grab the pot and threw it into the car, it’s one of the thermos pots that keeps the coffee warm. Our new boss made the comment when he saw it wow you brought the whole coffee pot. The work itself was good , hard on my back unfortunately but I got through it with  aspirin. The place is beautiful out in the country with a great view, a red tail hawk flying over and lots of different colored song birds eating seed right by the house as we sat watching,  eating our lunch.  I am grateful for the work in this economy any work is fortunate. It’s also nice to learn about gardening which I would like to learn more about. In a few days if I feel I have the opportunity,  I will take some pictures so I can show you the area. Things are starting to green up around here so I will defiantly post pictures soon of the green rolling hills it get so green here it hurts the eyes. Well maybe not quite that green.


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  1. HAHAHA!!! I know what you mean about it being so green it almost hurts your eyes!! Same here! It’s a bright chartreuse green almost!!! Gorgeous!

    Well, you are now a working girl! Congrats! I love that you took the whole durn coffee pot!! I bet that told ’em “Don’ t mess with this one!! She’ll eat you up!!” 😆

    It will get easier. And don’t worry about the blog. We’ll still be here even if you get to be like me, barely posting anything lately. I feel…brain dead?? Yeah, kinda sorta.

    Have a great week and do share those photos when you can!

  2. I’m so glad it all went well for you. I thought about you all day wondering how it was going. You are so fortunate to be doing something you want to do and enjoy doing and can also learn from.

    Morning routines will come with time. Good luck and keep us posted. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. I’m REALLY glad to hear you had a good first day back to work Starla. GOOD for you!

    I agree with Joy! You and your hubby will have your morning routine down to a science in to time at all! 😉

  4. Hey Java, LOL I would love to work with you, unfortunately he’s all set, but you know I think things are starting to open up as far as work goes. Especially labor jobs! People just needing a hand with things. (LOL’s)Little ol ladies often need help I have often done self employed work gardening and washing windows is a good one. I bought a processional window squeegee, the pays not too bad it’s better if you have two people. I just put an ad in the news paper, make up a cool name I called my small biz new view window washing. Anyway I don’t know if any of that’s helpful I’ve got my fingers crossed here.

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