Philip goes to Lake McDonald in Glacier Park, Montana.


Philip’s Mom, Joy, has a fun blog. Click here to Check it out!

For more Buddy Adventures click here



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  1. Wow, the fun just didn’t stop!!! I love his hat, I’ve got one just like it. Did you nail him to that tree???? Is it safe to let him have canned rattlesnake??? BTW nice bike…

  2. Starla that is so darned cute. You take such good pics and treat our buddies to such great adventures. That hat! Those boots and oh man, that pic of him napping on the dash all covered up?!?! To cute for words. I will never part with Philip again after all this. He has such good memories of all my friends now. Thank you so much.

  3. that is so cool! I agree with Joy…my favorite picture was the one with him and his butt up in the air like the statue!
    I LOVE it when you turn these into videos!!!

    I know right…everytime I’m going to be looking at bongo when he comes home I’m going to be thinking of all of you!

  4. It sure has been a fun Adventure for us too. Funny how you get attached to the little guys and you hate to send em on their way. The rattlesnake was a little old but he seemed to scarf them down no problem. The boots and the hat I believe were put into philips box from javajunkee. He defiantly was the dress up kind of flamingo. Keeping his feet straight was a bit of a challange they seem to have a mind of their own.

  5. Starla, you are too nice! You have a lot of love to share with all! How lucky for me! Thanks for being the special person that you are! You do a lot! 🙂

  6. Aww Thanks Doraz I was just talking to by husband last night and saying how nice it was when I started my blog I was blogging to myself and you would come by and comment. My only commenter for awhile lol. And how that was encouraging and nice of you so back at ya.;+).

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