Free Chat Friday


Howdy Howdy It’s Free Chat Friday!!! My legs and butt are so sore from Gardening. One of those sore days when you walk you say ow ow ow with each step. LOL Oh man we planted onions yesterday very cool actually long rows in rich soil. I also planted pansy’s. The radio was on a station I don’t usually listen to ,I was actually really enjoying it good to branch out and listen to new things. The DJ told a joke, let’s see if I can tell it right. A friend of his that’s really into yoga asked him Do you do any yoga?  And he said “Yes I’m into tantrum yoga, I hold my breath until God gives me my way. ”  I thought that was pretty funny. Usually when I pitch a fit and hold my breath and  God just laughs. Oh well. So how was your week???


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  1. Well, let me see. Marion was here. She is no where to be found this morning. 🙂 I guess I can say I am so tired of eating! Whenever you have company, it seems you pig out…due to stress…and get tired of food! At least that is what happened to me! So today, my brother and I are getting the dining room ready for my wonderful husband to remodel! Then I go buy new furniture! I can not wait! We are planning on hardwood floors and going more colors on the walls! Should look great! Have a fun Friday!

  2. I’m actually really glad this week is coming to an end. It was full of personal things that came up and I thought I had gotten a bad cold but it turned out it was just allergies from getting my yard cleaned and all the crap flying in the air. Our neighbors are getting married tomorrow night so we are really looking forward to that.

    But ya, it was a real shitty emotional week for me and I’m glad it’s almost over.

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