Full Dash Again.


YOO HOO and Friend come for a visit, so we hit the road Looking for Adventure.

Looking for Adventure .

Looking for Adventure .


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  1. Lulu is a little hell raiser. You have to keep your eyes on her at all times!!! I still haven’t gotten my cell phone bill and I’m only praying she didn’t call China or something and forgot to hang up and was on there all night!!

  2. Joy I hope you got a picture of that. Boy that Lulu I’m glad she didn’t find our cell phone she probably text messages too. So funny, I look forward to seeing Lulus Adventure.;+).

  3. Thanks JJ I sure Love being here and I’m really glad I have a Blog so I can share pictures of what it’s like here. It’s not all beautiful some of the main town parts of it are like other towns we have a couple of strip malls now and the main town is a bit I don’t know townish. Anyway glad your liking the pictures. ;+).Hope your having a great weekend.

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