Osprey hanging out on small post.

Osprey hanging out on small post.

Osprey Stretching.

Osprey Stretching.

We saw this Osprey hanging out close to the road . We were on our  way to a farm to pick up some dirt. The neighbor saw Navar building a small garden box so she asked if he would build her a small box garden box  for Strawberries. No problem, we saw this Osprey just relaxing on a small post beside the road. They are common to see here,  as well as seeing their giant nests built on polls beside the roads. Hard to see in the photo but it was snowing . The last few days we have had Spring snow storms. Waiting ever so patiently for the sun again.


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  1. That’s a magnificent looking bird. How cool that it let you this close. I heard about your snow and can’t even believe it. I would cry. Honestly, I would weep.

  2. Hey Tonyt, Wedge tail eagle I’ll have to google that I’m not sure if Ive seen that type of eagle. We have mainly Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles around here. I’m going to check that out. They do have amazing looks in their eyes as well as an awesome presence.

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