What I can not Change.


The other day  on TV  I saw an interview with LeAnn Rimes I don’t remember what the show was I was watching.   She was talking about a new song she wrote  and  about a website that she created with her husband called  WhatIcannotchange.com.  She wanted to have a place for people to go and have a place to post  about what they wanted to talk about anonymously. To share whats going on in their lives . I read a few of the stories I realize as I get older that really  people in general  are more similar then  they  are different.  Funny to run in to this  after having a root canal  and hoping the sinus pain would go away, the  pain in my sinus  is still there.  I am waiting for the sinus pain to go away after one year and 2 months you would think that would be long enough. It always hurts.   Sometimes life chooses for you and you get to learn to hold on.  This would be one of my what I can not change situations.  Although I’ve sure tried to change the situation.  I have other frustration’s and life hurts and heart aches in the realm of What I can not Change just like everyone.  I thought it was nice that she wrote a song for me and you and for herself and looks like a whole lot of other people who are logging on to her website  with their story’s. It’s easy to feel alone sometimes in life especially when things are difficult or if your in pain emotional or  physical or both. Life does have its surprises and really the good news is we are in this  together and can encourage each other and with our Blogs encouraging  each other  and taking time out to smile laugh and sometimes just fall out of our chairs because things are so funny and amusing. I am certainly grateful for those moments.  Life is a  bit of a mixed bag I guess. Here is her new song and her website. I thought it was a good interview as well as a good song and website.
LeAnn Rimes video.
LeAnn Rimes what I can not change website.


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  1. Starla, life is like a box of chocolates! Just kidding! Life is what it is, without hurt, pain, and sorrow we cannot look forward to the laughter, the love, and the happiness. It is a ying and a yang, without a negative you have no positive.
    Besides, life is about learning to love, yourself, your god, your family, your friends, your animals, the world in which we live. Lesson’s in life bring us strenght and knowledge to handle the next lesson that is thrown our way. Humans create more problems than they solve but the creater designed it that way to teach us the one thing that is most important, the LOVE!

  2. I really like the way that Madman Hatter said it. If we never feel pain, in any way, we wouldn’t appreciate the happiness. It’s so hard to explain. I had a major “life change” that I’m not ready to talk about but it really made me appreciate what I had but without that experience, I still wouldn’t have known.

    I love blogging for this reason. I really feel like I know all of you and I’m so enjoying having people who will listen and offer support or laughs or just being there for me. We are a good bunch. I wish your sinus pain would go away. I’m assuming you’ve been to the doc?? Is there nothing they can give you to get rid of it? Seems odd.

  3. I second that Doraz!!! We Love You Joy :+). As far as the Sinus pain it’s called Sinusitis it can be one of those stubborn things I have been to a Sinus Doctor I had a cat scan that was interesting and expensive sheesh. I think the tooth that needed a root canal may have been the problem. So it’s a good thing I got that handled. So hopefully it will get better soon if not I will probably go back to the Doctor. It is one of those things that can be stubborn. It’s funny how you adjust to pain. Sometimes I wonder what will it be like when the pain is no longer there. That will be a good day.

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