Posey Arrived Saturday!

Canoe Ride?

Cute little pony.

Cute little pony.

Canoe Ride?
To Work or Play?

To Work or Play?

Posey Arrived Saturday and I asked her what kind of Adventure would she like on her Vacation? She said, she would like to mix it up . I gave her the choice to work or to go for a canoe ride,  and she said she’s a pretty energetic pony and thought no problem she could do both!


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  1. Isn’t Posey just gorgeous? I think she’s so darned cute. Such a girlie girl. She looked like she was really getting into that digging. I can’t wait to get her. Good job yet again Starla.

  2. she’s so cute! my little pony totally transports me back 20 years to when i was a kid! one of my friends told me to cut my little pony’s hair and insisted it would grow back. it didn’t. *sigh* oh well!

  3. We sure had fun with posey we took her to Missoula to ride the carousel I was surprised as how fast it was I had to really hold on. I’ll be posting the slide show in a few days of her Adventures.

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