Hung Lo’s Bachlor Party.

Hung Lo's favorite Hooters Waitress.

Hung Lo's favorite Hooters Waitress.

Hung Lo's Bachelor's Party.

Hung Lo's Bachelor's Party.



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  1. The Little Buddies have brought me to places like going into a Tatoo parlors and now Hooters. Funny story we actually drove out of town to pick up a kayak we ended up getting really lost driving around finally arrived and the kayak was given to someone else. My Husband looked so sad, we had noticed a new Hooters restaurant in town so I looked at him and said “Would it cheer you up if we took the buddies to Hooters?” Big Smile LOL So I thought why not how bad could it be. We were sitting there my husband wanting to brag a little about where he was sends a text message with a picture to his mothers husband who had talked about some day going to Hooters. Well….. were sitting there eating lunch and phone rings he looks down at the phone it’s his Mother. His face got bright red usually he’s not much of a blusher at this point I fall over in the booth and he answers Hello? I guess she had her husbands phone. She said nothing about where we were. I couldn’t believe how funny busted by his own mom. Hooters was really pretty tame.And the waitress was really nice and loved the story about sending buddies all around and was happy to pose for the Blog very sweet of her.

  2. Hey sweetheart. I came over here to answer your question I hope it’s alright. I’d love a photo of Calypso’s name in the shore at your lake. As long as it’s a body of water it’s 100% welcome! I’ve even got some coming from people who aren’t by water. Just send me the photo when you’ve done it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 🙂


  3. Thanks Java ya these little buddies have gotten me out and about. And I will never forget Navars Mom calling we will be telling that story for awhile I’m sure. I had a good laugh seeing his bright red face.LOL

  4. Looks to me like HungLo had almost as much fun as Navar did! I wish I had called little Hunglo so your hubster wouldn’t feel so embarrassed!! “Yes, HungLo, this is your new Mother-in-law!” ROFLMFAO!

  5. I am at work and saw this and burst out laughing. I’ve got one person staring at me now asking what is so funny! OH. MY… GOSH!

    UNBELIEVABLE! I LOVE IT! Hooters, Tee-hee. He just went for the “chicken wings” right? Sure, right, yep- uh-huh!

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  7. I came back because you said it is your top post. Hung Lo is still partying. PARTY ANIMAL!!!

    LOL Hung Lo backkkkkkkk. Your right he is quiet the party animal! LOL

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