Staying Healthy


I just read this article yesterday with information on how to stay healthy and things you can do if you get sick. I thought it had some really good ideas. At this point I wish I hadn’t watched all those monk shows. I can’t helped to wonder how Howie Mandel’s doing. Watching the news sure can be stressful. Ive spent the last couple of days thinking about what are the things I do to stay healthy. My big thing has been over last Winter is at first symptoms of flu or cold hit it hard. I still think that’s good. Here’s a good list from the Enerfood folks I thought it had a lot of good ideas.

My Question Today is What kinds of things do you do to stay Healthy or what do you do when you first start to get a cold or Flu? How are you feeling about the flu News are you feeling a little freaked out? I thought this was a really good list of ideas.


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  1. Having worked in the restaurant business, hand washing is a must! Not hand sanitizer, but good old fashioned soap and water! I also exercise daily and take my vitamins.

    I am not overly concerned about the swine flu. I think the media has done a great job of causing hysteria, myself. Seeing as I live down here in Texas they are really going crazy about it on the news. The kids have signs at their schools that say “Cough & Cover”, which I think is just going a bit overboard.

  2. I am always careful to do the basics. If I feel like things are not normal for my body, I sleep a lot more…than usual. That helps me get back on track. I also start drinking more liquids. I also try to increase my fiber. Rid yourself! 🙂

  3. I consume more coffee 😉

    seriously…the chiro at least once a month and if I even feel a little bit out of whack I go in..same with the rest of the family. We also get co-resist which is all natural stuff and load up on juice during cold and flu season.

    I don’t think I am going to get all in a frenzy about the swine flu. Didn’t we have a scare with this a few years back? I think it’s a lot of common sense and I like it where my daughter works with food is that they are TOLD to stay home if they are ill. They don’t want them anywhere near the food if they are really sick. In fact the 2 days my daughter didn’t feel good the chiro wrote her a note off for 2 days just cuz he didn’t want her around food. I really admire places that are like that.

  4. I also wash my hands a lot. If I go ANYWHERE I wash first thing when I enter my home and I also use those clorox wipes on my steering wheel, purse and stuff like that. I usually don’t take anything for colds or slight flu’s but honestly, I don’t hardly ever get sick but if I do feel under the weather, I sip chicken soup, stay warm and read and rest. I’m very lucky.

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