Feel like a slug?


Starla is back in bed feeling like a slug. So I found the following link to read to her, but she is still in bed. Maybe it will help someone else: the title is, “Feel like a slug? 5 moves to boost your energy” Also my friend sent this list of healthy food.
Guest poster is Starla’s husband. Ok off to Hooters, leaving cell phone at home. LOL, just kidding.


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  1. Hey Starla’s husband, have fun at Hooters!! Leave all small animals at home 🙂

    I hope you get over this slug stuff. It’s so easy to happen. I felt like this last week and it’s hard to pull out of it but you HAVE to. I hope you’re soon up and around.

  2. LOL …did the happy couple hit the trail? Can you let me know if they did leave and who they were headed to please 🙂

    get better starla..there are a lot of us feeling in a funk again 😦 SIGH

  3. so …just trying to figure this out…

    YooHoo and her groom were there, along with Posey and Bongo…have all of them left and can you let me know where they were headed please ? 🙂 thank you

  4. Thanks Everyone I am feeling a little better. Just needed some R and R I guess. Recharging my battery. I’ll have to check out the husband list on healthy foods and moves.

    Hey Java I will put the Yoo Hoo couple into the mail tomorrow going back home to Trisha’s. Wow their tour is done! Little posey will also head out tomorrow to Joans house. Get ready Joan.;+)

  5. Hello Starla’s Husband, I would meet you at Hooters to party with Hung Lo too but Tasmania to America for a night out is a long way. You would be all rolling drunk & gone home to bed by the time I got there….

  6. Nice you all want to meet me at hooters. It is a hundred mile drive one way for me. Hey maybe there is a Hooters ship between here and Tasmania?
    If not perhaps we should suggest it. HHHmmm there is something to ponder. A ship full of ………
    I hear a voice in the back of my head, “treat it like the sun” hhhmmm.
    What was I staring at? How could starla see what I was looking at?

    starlas husband is navar.

  7. My husband says this morning a friend of his asked him if he got a Hooters shirt for his wife. LOL And if not he must go back and get one for her. Pretty funny and no he didn’t get me a shirt.;+)

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