Three Deer


This picture was taken a couple of months ago.

Whitetail doe and children.

Whitetail doe and children.


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  1. That is an awesome shot. How far away were you? What kind of camera and lens do you have? I really like this and I’ve been playing around trying to get decent pics of the deer eating in my yard at night and I’m having trouble getting it right.

  2. Hey Joy We were pretty close these deer. The camera I use most is one my brother gave me it fits in my pocket. I love that and when I have been out and about taking Buddy pictures I don’t stand out much like I do with a bigger camera. One day I would love of course a top of the line camera but maybe down the road. The small camera is a panasonic Lumix 5 megga pixs my other camera is a Sony cybershot also 5mega pixels. We have an abundance of deer around and soon it will be fawn time with lots of twins being born. Maybe I will try to get a picture of a fawn this year, they have to be one of the cutest animals ever with the little spots.

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