Did you see Celebrity Apprentice?


I was wondering if you watch the TV show Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. My Question would be did you see Joan Rivers daughter get fired? How did you feel about how she handled getting fired?

As Melissa got fired she literally ran out of the board room, in a bit of a rage cussing with her mom Joan at her heals. She ran into the two other women in the “game” and shouted Whore Pit Viper. Which as I was thinking about it, I don’t think I have anything like that in my arsenal of words I suppose I do now. Joan Rivers said to one of the women Annie “Your nothing but a Poker Player.” They went on the Ellen show and basically did not apologize, but when asked Melissa said she laughed when she saw this clip. I was wondering what other people thought about this. It wasn’t a real job it was for charity.


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  1. We do watch The Apprentice and last week and the week before I was pretty upset. Before I get to The Rivers “girls” I want to say that I used to think Clint Black was a nice guy but he’s very, VERY controlling and has to call all the shots. How I wished that Hershel Walker had put him in his place. He lied about the menu. He never suggested anything other than the chicken his wife made. I felt bad for Hershel because he’s a good guy.

    Okay, last week. I’ll tell you right up front that I’m not a fan of Joan OR Melissa Rivers. In any capacity. I’m not fond of comedians like her and I think that all she wants to do is make everyone laugh and I find her very straining on my mood. A little of her goes a long way. Melissa is the personification of an only child who gets whatever she wants. Neither of the are a team player. They are like a third team. The minute someone says one thing about the other, there’s a fight and they weren’t on the same team. They should have either been on the same team or gotten over it. Last week however, I didn’t think Melissa getting fired was fair. I do think they left her out and made her feel un-useful. She is a very good worker and did the best she could have done under the circumstances. I feel the dumb playmate big boobed blond should have been fired. She was the team leader as Hershel was last week and it was unfair that he got fired and she didn’t. About the outbursts, I think it was “made for TV.” I think it was for the cameras and it was an act. It was pretty humorous I thought.

  2. I do not watch the show. I agree with Joy. It was a “staged thing.” It is getting people to talk about the show and it is getting people curious! They have all the angles covered! 🙂

  3. I don’t watch the show but being called a poker player doesn’t seem that bad to me. I have certainly been called MUCH worse. LOL

  4. Well, now it’s down to Joan Rivers and Annie the Poker player. Amazing Joan came back after walking out. Can you keep a job after walking out. Like George from Seinfeld. Next week should be interesting between the two. I couldn’t tell you who would win. It’s anyone’s game, but being that it is a game could be the gaming champ Annie. I guess will just have to wait and see.

  5. I saw it. I record it and watch every week. It’s my favorite show. At first, I didn’t know how I was going to feel about the Rivers women, but it turns out that I really like them a lot. I think Joan is talented and her daughter also is quick on her feet with really GREAT ideas; which impressed me. Annie is a narcissistic witch (*I’m holding back my own personal arsenal of curse words here out of respect for your blog*).

    They treated Melissa so creepy, it was like high school and they thought they were the “popular” kids. I hate mean people and I think Annie is mean.

    I saw Melissa freak out and thought it was very entertaining. I don’t mind that she freaked- I probably would have punched Annie in the mouth. So, I figure if she stomped and ran around swearing she was ahead of the game- LOL!

    I hope Joan kicks Annie’s butt. That’s all I can say. Annie may have money but money ‘aint everything. Just my own little opinions here…. that’s all….

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