Groundhog Day.


Do you ever have part of your day that feels like groundhog day?


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  1. I feel like I’m always washing clothes or folding clothes. Never really catching up. Also due to the economic down turn I feel like there is a lot more dishes to do. Because we are cooking more, so there is always dishes. Cleaning house always. Hey I just realized if I got a maid maybe the ground hog feeling would go away. Hmmm Work is too new to feel too much like groundhog day, at least yet.

  2. I am right there with you Starla….it never ends at my house! A maid would make it worse, she will lose some stuff…always happens to my friends. So I just take it like a turtle and do what I can when I can!!!! In between napping, of course! 🙂

  3. There is a saying about a woman’s work is never done but that could also apply to a man if he lived alone. No, some work is just ongoing but it’s not like if you don’t get it all done now anything bad will happen. The sad part is, it waits for you and even multiplies 🙂

  4. Right there with ya JJ! Get up, drink coffee, wake kids, make breakfast, make lunches, drive kids to school, goof off on computer, I mean clean the house, go pick up kids, help with homework, make dinner, watch tv, put kids to bed, watch news, go to bed, get up….

  5. get up, start coffee, log in to computer, get 1st cup of coffee, take first pill of day, uncover birds, kick cat off the counter for the 1st time, blog, more coffee, cat off snake tank, make beds, check laundry, more coffee, facebook, wake minis, stake claim on bathroom while they eat, get them to clean up their messes, pick up back bedroom where husband trolls, more coffee, think about a grocery list, sweep up animal hair, think about WTF brought all these animals into this house, watch youtube videos until time to leave. Take daughter to work, head to the store, bitch about everybody else in the store breathing my oxygen, ….yeah everyday it’s the same thing. SIGH least for years Monday’s was filled with it’s own type of stress by working at the motel …then during tax season there was another routine filled with it’s own kind of stress.

    long answer to a short question. 🙂

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