I was wondering if any one had any request of what they might like to see more of in Montana. I try and take lots of  pictures of the area to give you an idea of what it looks like here. Before I moved here I really didn’t know much about the area. Right before I moved here I saw a book called Montana on my mind at the Library, I think that was actually a big motivator to moving here. I knew I liked to ski and I liked nature and seeing wild life. I remember seeing pictures of Glacier Park in the book I had no idea that national park even  existed. I think I thought of Montana as more rural like what eastern Montana looks like with lots of open spaces and farm lands. Here we have one fairly large town with lots of other little adjoining towns. One huge Lake and a lot of smaller lakes.  I may try and get out more to do some hiking and take some pictures of the wilderness. When I first got here I was hiking with a friend and her two dogs around a small lake we were walking towards a waterfall. There were some people in a small boat on the lake and they started to scream and point yelling “Bear, Bear on the trail” we quickly did an about face and briskly walked back to the car. Hike was over I think that slowed me down a little on the idea of hiking. But really bears are here, but not that common to run into.  I have seen eight bears in the twelve years that I have been here and almost all of the sighting have been by roads.  Actually, I wish I could travel more and out of the states too,  so much is going on in our world of ours so much to see,  maybe it’s just the Spring Bug.  I like  seeing pictures of your area on your Bloggs . Ive got a little bit of a travel bug,  but with the economy the way it is looks like we will be hanging out here mowing our lawn , and doing stuff localy.


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  1. Starla, you do a great job..already…showing us such cool stuff by your place! I am always interested in people. I love buildings that are strange looking. I love unusual trees and landscape. You are good surprising us…so, keep it up! Thanks! My area is boring. I also have no patience taking photos! 😦

  2. I totally agree with Luisa. I love the pics you take and post. I really have to say that I’m in love with old buildings all alone on a piece of land. My mind goes back to why would someone just leave it like that. An old house makes me wonder how someone could just ditch a house. I also love old barns and sheds. You had one last winter that I just loved. I even saved it. It was a little barn type building with the mountains in the background. I loved that one.

    I love Minnesota. It’s got such changing scenery and lots of lakes and hills. I drove through Montana 2 years ago with my brother and I loved it out in the country. Some places make you feel like you’re alone in the world.

    I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I love all the pics you take and never tire of looking at them.

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