Old Fart Missing


Oh Old Fart where have you gone? Why? Why have you deleted? When I first found your blog you said you were a serial deleter but I thought  this time will be different. You can do it, your coming up on a year you wont deleet. Shoot!!! Well I actually understand every once in  awhile I get a random thought to delete the whole kit and caboodle. Being that this is my first Blog I have never hit the delete button.  Make it all just go away button. It must be exhilarating in away. To be honest it would be hard for me to do that as I am a bit on the sentimental side I like to keep stuff .  LOL So Old Fart when you set up shop again please come by and post so I can find your Blog as I enjoy your wacky humor as well as all of my favorite Blogs. It’s funny how easy it is really to get attached to people you get use to seeing them on a daily basis . I see you guys more then my own family. So here is a shout out of Appreciation to all the Blogs that I love. Hmmm that sounds like a song. For all the blogs Ive loved before. It must be silly Tuesday.


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  1. I don’t really understand this either. I can see taking a break or not posting for a while but I could never delete all my work. I guess he has his reasons.

    I have also come to realize that blog “families” do come and go. As much as it hurts, peoples needs and wants change. Their live changes and some people look at blogs as “not real life” NRL. To me, my blog is my real life as so many relatives come so for me to delete, would be like taking something away from us that keeps us in touch and a way of staying in each others lives.

    He knows where we are and he knows he’s got open arms when he’s ready to come back. That was a pretty nasty fight he had over there a week or so ago, maybe he just got sick of that kind of thing.

  2. I agree with Dennis/James. Tony will likely come back in a new incarnation. We may have to help him think up new names. He eventually will run out of name ideas.

  3. I hate to see the old fart delete his blog also. I hope he comes back real soon! I will follow him on Twitter until he comes back. 😀

  4. Oh, then he really did delete his blog??? Shoot, I was hoping that it was maybe just a glitch (or something like that) and that it would be fixed any day now. Darn, one of my favorite blogs, too, I’m really going to miss The Old Fart being around. Sure do hope he comes back…and soon. 😦

  5. Misstfied Looks like the word on the street is that he will probably be back with a new name. So we wait with baited breath. I will have to do my own McDonald’s research one of those bacon mcmuffins sounds good. You sure do get use to seeing your favorite blogs. We get spoiled.

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