Spring Rains.

Green Spring meets Mountains.

Green Spring meets Mountains.

Giant Farm Windmill

Giant Farm Windmill

Abandon Farm for Sale.

Abandon Farm for Sale.

We stopped to get a closer look of an old farm to take pictures of  it.  I have taken picture of this old farm from a far several times. It was neat to be able to drive right up to it and take pictures close up.  It is abandon with a For Sale sign in the yard (190 acres for $3 million).  As I got out of the car I was taken back with the feeling of the place the chilly stormy air, the quiet still feeling around the place. But at the same time the feeling of swirling stories of family and life lived.  There was also a giant tree house on the property that I couldn’t help but walk up to and wonder about the kids who built it,  left in the tree as the kids and family were  long gone. I thought about the tree house’s  my brother and I built and moved away from leaving as treasures for other family’s to find.  The windmill the loudest and most striking noise as it squeaked with efficiency as a well built farm piece, still proudly standing. Oh the storeys I’m sure this place could tell taking the pictures made me want to look up the history about the people who had lived there. How many family’s had lived on this farm and someday maybe a new family would buy the property rebuild a house where the yellow house had been recently torn down to make way for probably a new bigger improved model keeping the old barn or would they tear that down too?  Only time will tell.


4 responses »

  1. Wow, I just love it!
    How much are they asking for it?
    Are the prices in your area high, low, or fair?
    I just love places like this!!!

  2. I saw a program once where they converted a barn like that into a house — actually now that I think about it they actually built a smaller house enclosed inside the barn. Anyway that looks like a great place for dogs to run!

  3. Great photos Starla! It’s fun shooting abandon places like this huh? I have shot many of them myself and always wonder about the families that lived there, how long the place has been empty, the memories that were mad there. It’s really interesting to me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am in love with this. That sure is a lot of money. This is why I love abandoned buildings so much. Your imagination can just run wild with thoughts. LOVE THESE.

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